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Ubuntu 9.10 is finally released and get your copy now

ubuntu Ubuntu, one of the famous linux distribution released its 9.10 version which is awaited by many ubuntu users. In the previous release of 9.04 it self ubuntu shares some great optimized tools and performance proven operating system with us. And its time to check out the latest release to participate in its new milestone 🙂 Alright, you can start your Download via its Download Page. Ubuntu team launched the 9.10 version for Desktop, Netbook and Server as 3 different editions. So based on your requirement you can pick the one you need.


If you have slow connection speed and looking for torrent links to begin download, then have a look at the Bit Torrent link after selecting your preferred location and 32bit or 64bit selection in the download page. In next page you have to select the torrent file to download. Be sure about the hardware or processor architecture that you select in this screen. Whether its AMD or Intel (i386) based hardware.

If you are new to torrent you can always have a look at my tutorial on How to download a torrent file ?


Will meet you with a review tomorrow, as i just triggered my download 🙂


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