List of Best Linux Distributions for New Linux Users (Beginners)

There’s no doubt that Linux is the leading, open-source operating system available. For one thing it offers better immunity to security threats, and it can be accommodated on competitively less powerful hardware. While there aren’t as many apps available for Windows, there are a considerable number available, that serve your needs pretty well.

For Teachers, Free Web Based Screen Recorder Software for Mac, Linux and Windows available that allows them to create tutorials, do basic video editing and more. If you are a network engineer or technician looking for Best Remote Desktop Apps for Mac, Windows and Linux, there are good number of apps and software’s available as well.

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Before switching to Mac, i was using Linux for more than 4 years and i always recommend it to new PC users with no Adobe Photoshop or Windows specific software requirements. Ofcourse you can run Windows Softwares and Apps with Wine App on Linux and other third party software tweaks that are available for ages. But it never matches with the native experience that you get from Windows PC. Linux is stable, secure and definitely the best operating system for PCs. Also learn how to create swap file in linux operating system.

After installing Ubuntu Linux or any Linux distributions, i recommend my clients to go through few Youtube videos and Basic Linux Tutorials to understand the usage of Terminal and some Basic Linux commands for great experience.

If you love tweaking your operating system design, user interface, the way in operates and want to make it flexible in the way you want, then Linux Operating System will be your favorite choice. Checkout the List of Best Linux Distributions for Beginners or New Users to start with your enter into the world of Linux Matrix :).

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Best Linux Distributions for Beginners or New Users

Why Linux Distro’s?

Since Linux is open-source, you have lot of different developers working on different parts of it. You have developers working on the kernel specifically, while others are focused on GNU shell utilities or creating a better desktop environments. Now if you tried to acquire each Linux component separately and put them together, you’re going to waste lot of time in making them work in synchronous. That’s why Linux users turn to Linux Distro (distributions). Distro’s are packages containing all the functioning components of Linux. It combines the different components to form a whole operating system that can be installed and set up easily by the user.

While most Distro’s are pretty easy to set up there are some others that are extremely user-friendly that make it easy for beginners to work with.  We’ve compiled a list of Distro’s that are great for first-time Linux users.

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