The New DIGG v4 – Leaked Images and Video

The all new Digg is here, one of the famous social bookmarking website is now constructing their all new interface. Ofcourse its still in beta, and one of the beta tester published the images and video of the new digg user interface and its almost a very good hands on 🙂 . You can add your digg user id and email in alpha tester programme at New Digg page.

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Here are some screen caps and video.

[youtube width=”575″ height=”344″][/youtube]

via Mashable

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  1. Applied couple of months ago! Was inactive for couple of weeks.. will be back on digg after I am done with the exams.

    However, I believe this new digg is mainly for search ranking purpose as it pulls feeds, twitter and FB updates. Users, especially the power users will be infuriated and mutual friendship is going to be tougher now! That’s just an assumption..

    Can’t wait, really! Best way to promote blog is through digg.

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