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    1. Twitter and Facebook are the right product at the right time examples. When the internet revolution started every where, these two giants entered with right set of product and marketing strategy.

      Now succeeded utmost 🙂

      – Robin

  1. Thank u for ur comment @ashok

    Of course, twitter is a vital application for upcoming generation. Even it looks simple, it has the power to rule the internet world. 🙂

    1. Hahaha.. Twitter is still rocking in the internet. I do see many addicts in micro blogging which is introduced by Twitter. 🙂

      Its obvious the whale going down every day atleast for an hour as it is in the track of exceeding google’s traffic. FB and Twitter are the current high speed trains in internet 🙂

  2. Twitter is the one social media tool I have yet to get my head round. Thanks for this article, it gives me the basics and the lingo. I feel one step closer to confident tweeting!

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