HOW TO: Request New LinkedIn Invite ?

LinkedIn the famous Professional social networking website is going to launch its all new design and you can request an invite to add your LinkedIn profile to the waiting list. Remember Google launching its service with invite based access ? LinkedIn invite is kind of similar to that, but you will get access to your new linkedin profile design without much delay or waiting time. Once you have completed the linkedin invite request in 2 easy steps, you will be seeing your all new profile design probably in minutes, thats how i got it actually.

Request New LinkedIn invite here by logging in to your LinkedIn account. The new design looks cool and so friendly. So request an invite today and get your all new Linkedin design 2012  profile activated that brings more clean design.

The new linkedin design changes looks pretty cool and reminds me more like twitter and facebook combined interface. Still, linkedin has its own reputation in social networking crowd when it comes to meeting professionals and searching for jobs. One of the best website that lets you create a social network profile that can work well for employees and entrepreneurs. Hire and Get Hired, is one of the best thing i like to say when some one asks me, what is LinkedIn all about and how it is different compared to other social networking websites that exists.

Its not any chit chat website, ofcourse you can do that too. But the Rich LinkedIn resources and contents filled by various people will help you feel the professional social network without any doubt.

Its been nearly an year and Linkedin roll out its new design change for all the profiles. Grab it today before your friends do and thanks for reading. You may now share this post with your friends and followers to let them try this too.

Have a great Day !

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