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Tokbox – Instant audio and video calls

tok21Tokbox offers a single point of audio and video calls service. Its not just a single person calling through a tokbox account. Users who dont have tokbox account can also chat with their lovable one’s via a tokbox url. Sounds interesting isnt it ? The service actually launched in the year 2007 and now they have made some more noticeable development in the interface and application.

Tokbox is best compare to any other similar services available in internet because, it will not ask you to install any software or driver files to initiate and establish an Audio or Video Calls. Moreover it has a Chat box where users can particpate in text based chat conversation. Did i mention they added video greetings feature newly ? Yup !, some fun full frames and templates to decorate your video greeting also there.

It didnt stop with these great features. The tokbox team also provides us API facility where the Tokbox service can be embedded with our websites, blogs and many other social networking sites (Facebook, Orkut, Friendfeeds, etc.,). This keeps you connected over the video and audio from your favorite community or a blog.


Ofcourse, we do have options such as skype, gizmo, and few other services in internet. But the application resource usage in a computer is always a very much concern. I am sure its a tough time for those service providers where Tokbox shakes their users / customers base. Tokbox is Free, Feature Rich, Hasstle free web based application. What else we need ? give a hands one try with tokbox now.

Tokbox: http://www.tokbox.com

My Page: http://www.tokbox.com/robinsonc

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