Microsoft vs Apple as of 2011 – Infographic

Microsoft vs Apple infographic shows you Marketshares of both software giants as of 2011. The Apple mania started to increase recently after its launch of iPhone and iOS Devices. iPod Touch and new series of iPod’s boosted the sales much better. Apple Mac and iMac users are eagerly waiting for OS X Lion which is expected to be launched this September 2011.

Mac OS X Lion may also bring new series of Macbooks to the store with more speedy Processor and RAM powered.

Microsoft vs Apple Infographic

via [Manolution]

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  1. After seeing this infographic only i came to know.. Microsoft started with the help of Apple.. and crossed apple few years back.. but now apple are smart than microsoft…. 🙂

  2. Finally an distanced and objective voice of *reason* in mac vs ms debates, which is extremely rare to find.

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