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FBI to Cut Internet for DNSChanger Trojan Infected Users March 8 ?

FBI may cut Internet access to users infected by DNSChanger Malware to millions of DNS (Domain Name System) Servers on March 8. The DNSChanger Trojan infected millions of computers last year that made many websites go offline. FBI stepped in and provided free clean servers to eliminate malware infection and let the websites accessible after a court order. That order expires on March 8, 2012 and FBI will remove the clean servers installed on various Fortune 500 companies if the court order is not extended.


This will make the websites go offline as there are DNS Changer infected computers still exist in those company networks and computers. This Trojan simply re-routes the infected users to a malware website and also combines various other virus programs.

FBI Installed DNS Servers to access the web are now helping millions of websites to run healthy without any problem. The time to clean up their DNSChanger infected computers are about to get over and users must make sure that their computers are clean. There are also steps to check and make sure your computer is not infected by this Trojan program.

How to Check for DNSChanger Trojan ?

Here we have some simple steps provided by DCWG to check whether your system got infected by this trojan. This checkup can be done for Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Home Routers and Web Browser based infection as well.

Check Now

DNSChanger Trojan Removal Instruction

There is no specific tool to remove the infected servers. Still you can approach the following listed servers which are verified and authentic to make sure your DNS Servers are secure. Clean up

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