Apple IPad Disappoints IPhone and IPodTouch Users

If you are new to Apple Products, then you might have expected many features than the one you have already in your hand. People expected that the Apple IPad is going to make some huge difference in the way we compute today.  The multi touch interface may give new experience for the users (probably to people, who are new for touch screens). When we look for a total gadget solution, apple ipad disappoint us all.

Here are the list of missing features pointed out by mashable

  • No MultiTasking
  • No Drag and Drop File Management
  • No USB Port
  • No SD Slot
  • No Flash Support
  • No HDMI Out
  • No 1080 playback
  • No Native Widescreen
  • No Camera 🙁
  • No Full GPS
  • No Open SDK

Its totally an end to the Apple’s IPad Hype that lasted till now… All the IPhone missing features are hitting the ipad now. People must be given the real mac os experience through the real apple ipad. Else, its pretty tough to go for a device that gives only a great browsing experience via Wi-Fi.

About the Author: Robin C

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  1. Thanks for your comment @sudharsan, we actually thought atleast 1 cam will be present. This is a great miss.. and may be the 2G of IPad can come with a camera built in.

    Sort of marketing strategy 🙂

  2. Ofcourse bro, you can buy one.. but wait for 2G release so that you can expect some camera or other things added to it.

    Using CAM Chats in Free Wifi connection is a basic thing people require. So give some time before going to buy IPAD 🙂

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