How to Turn OFF SOS on iPhone?

Many iPhone users occasionally encounter issues with the Emergency SOS feature. Accidentally pressing the side/power button three times automatically triggers SOS on the iPhone. When you tap on Cancel, it should go off.

Emergency SOS How to Turn OFF?

If your iPhone is stuck in SOS mode, it can be frustrating and worrisome. In this article we will see how to turn off SOS on your iPhone, explain why your phone might say SOS, and provide steps to get your iPhone out of SOS mode.

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What is SOS on iPhone?

Emergency SOS is a valuable feature designed to call emergency services and quickly notify emergency contacts. However, there are times when you might accidentally activate it or find your iPhone stuck in SOS mode. Let’s explore how to turn off this feature and troubleshoot its related issues.

How to Turn Off SOS on iPhone

If you want to disable the Emergency SOS feature to prevent accidental calls, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Settings: Tap on the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to Emergency SOS: Scroll down and select Emergency SOS.
  3. Toggle off the Call with Side Button option.
  4. Toggle off the Auto Call option.

By turning off these options, you can prevent accidental activation of Emergency SOS when you press the side button multiple times.

Why Does My Phone Say SOS?

Your iPhone might display “SOS” if it’s in a state where it can only make emergency calls. This can happen for various reasons, including network issues or software glitches. Understanding why this happens can help you resolve the issue more effectively.

fix sos iphone

How to Get iPhone Out of SOS Mode

If your iPhone is stuck in SOS mode, a force restart might be necessary. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Press and Release the Volume-Up Button once.
  2. Press and Release the Volume Down Button Once.
  3. Press and Hold the Power Button (Side button) till you see the Apple Logo and release your finger.

This force restart can help resolve the issue if your iPhone is stuck in SOS mode or experiencing other software-related problems.

Additional Tips to Avoid iPhone Getting Stuck in SOS Mode

  • Regularly Update iOS: Ensure your iPhone is running the latest version of iOS. Updates often include bug fixes that could cause issues like getting stuck in SOS mode.
  • Check Network Settings: Sometimes, network issues can cause your iPhone to display SOS. Go to Settings > Cellular and ensure your network settings are correct.
  • Restart Your iPhone Regularly: Regular restarts can help maintain your iPhone’s performance and prevent glitches.

If the problem persists after trying the above solutions, it might be a hardware problem. In such cases, contacting Apple Support is recommended.

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They can provide further assistance and guide you through more advanced troubleshooting steps.

Turning off the SOS feature on your iPhone is straightforward and can prevent accidental emergency calls. Understanding why your phone says SOS and knowing how to get your iPhone out of SOS mode can save you time and stress.

Regular maintenance, like updating your iOS and checking network settings, can help avoid these issues. If problems continue, don’t hesitate to contact Apple Support for help.

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day.

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