best microsoft office alternatives iphone ipad

Best MS Office Alternatives for iPhone and iPad, Free Apps Included

Microsoft Office 365 is exceptionally famous on Windows. If you are searching for Microsoft Office 365 Alternatives for iPhone and iPad, these applications will serve you best as Free and cheaper options. It remains to be the Best Productivity App in the Top Charts. Be…

best useful twitter bots follow

Useful Twitter Bots to Follow | Screenshots, Reader, Quotes & more

Twitter is one of the most highly used social platforms after Meta’s Facebook and Instagram. Here are some Useful Twitter Bots to Follow, Taking Screenshots, Readers, Quotes Creating, and finding games will be much easier. Twitter is a hot place for politics; humans are fond of…

iphone face id not working disabled error

iPhone Face ID Not Working Disabled Error, How to Fix?

Is your iPhone Face ID Not Working? Seeing Face ID Disabled Error? with a message saying, “There’s an issue with your iPhone’s ability to use Face ID?”. You can try following the troubleshooting steps to diagnose and fix Face ID not working problem on your…

iphone se 4 design display price release news

iPhone SE 4 NOT KILLED! 5G, OLED Display & Release News

Good News! Apple didn’t kill iPhone SE 4. In his recent tweet, popular Apple leaker Ming-Chi Kuo confirms Apple has recently restarted the iPhone SE 4th Generation works. iPhone SE 4 5G Support? LCD or OLED Display? When is iPhone SE 4 release date set?…

turn off double click install apps iphone

How to Turn Off Double Click to Install Applications on iPhone?

Are you annoyed by the pop-up saying to double-click to install an app in the AppStore on your iPhone? You can easily turn off the pop-up message that instructs users to double-click the side button to install an application if you have turned on Face…

change home screen wallpaper iphone

How do I Change iPhone Home Screen Wallpaper in iOS 16?

Apple has changed how we set wallpaper on iPhones since iOS 16. with the release of iOS 16.2, you can change the iPhone Home Screen Wallpaper a little easier. We can easily Change Lock Screen Wallpaper, but the tricky part comes when you try to…

apple arcade games iphone ipad play

Apple Arcade Games You Will Enjoy Playing

Apple keeps adding more new games every month. Apple Arcade is worth for its subscription price with plenty of titles right now. From puzzles to adventure and racing, here are some interesting Apple Arcade Games you will enjoy playing on your iPhone and iPad. Apple…

iphone freezes when trying share

iPhone Freeze When Trying to Share, How to Fix?

Why is my share button not working on iPhone? Whenever you press Share Icon to access Share Sheet, some iPhone users experience hang problems. We can fix iphone screen freeze problem by following these troubleshooting steps. Many feel that this happens after iOS Software Update….