unable check update install update fix iphone

Unable to CHECK for Update or INSTALL Update Error on iPhone, How to Fix?

When you are trying to update your iPhone or iPad and seeing and error message, unable to check for update or install an update, don’t worry, it can be fixed with some troubleshooting steps easily. iPhone Software Update works very well most of the time….

transfer music playlist iphone android

How to Transfer Music and Playlist on iPhone?

Got a new iPhone? Want to Transfer Music and Playlist to iPhone?. Here is, how to transfer purchased or non-purchased tracks from iPhone to iPhone? Luckily, there are presently multiple routes out there to assist you with sharing playlists from iPhone to iPhone. We concoct…

youtube search tips and tricks videos

YouTube Search Tips and Tricks to Find Best Videos

Being world’s No 1 Video Sharing platform, Youtube Search Engine is not given good attention by its users. Here we have few youtube search tips and tricks to help you master youtube search engine. Find what you want quickly with simple search queries. People use…

samsung galaxy buds pro alternatives

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Alternatives

Recently Samsung had its unpacked event, and 5 of the most awaited products got launched. It’s time to see about some of the Best Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Alternatives. I’m a huge fan of Samsung earbuds mainly because, It gives me a satisfactory experience…

best screen recording apps iphone ipad

Best Screen Recording Apps for iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad has built-in Screen Recording feature. When you use third party screen recording apps, you can do more than just recording. Here are some of the best screen recording apps for iPhone and iPad that will help you do more once you finished…

iphone battery myths why what how tips

iPhone Battery Myths | Why? What? and How?

Let’s Debunk some iPhone Battery Myths. Why? What? and How? should be the Question people have to ask when they read or watch some lengthy iPhone Battery Tips and Tricks. To be Honestly, maintaining Phone’s Battery Health is not that complex. Trust me. I am…

iphone mail app not showing notifications

iPhone, iPad Mail App Not Showing Notifications? Here’s the Fix

Is your Mail App Not Showing Notifications in iPhone and iPad? Do you have new emails ready to be read when you open the application without any notifications? This is a typical issue however can be solved, by following the steps below. If you prefer…

download youtube facebook twitter videos instagram reels iphone ipad

Download Youtube, Facebook, Twitter Videos and Instagram Reels in iPhone and iPad

How to Download Youtube Videos in iPhone and iPad? is the question many ask when they are new to iPhone and iPad. Right now, we have more social networking websites. So the question should be, how to download facebook videos, twitter videos and instagram reels…