iPhone 5 Fully Assembled Design Leaked [Pictures]

iLab Factory is here with fully assembled design of iPhone 5 which is expected to be released officially by Apple this October. There are sources also telling that the production has started and delayed for some reasons which can possibly affect the scheduled release date of iPhone 5. There seems no more big surprises in WWDC events anymore, just like the previous event.

iphone 5 pictures

Apple WWDC keynote was a real surprise for Apple fans, but these rumors many times are becoming a perfect match when official release happens. iPhone 5 pictures and some specification about hardware also leaked and published on various valid sources. Foxconn employee has allegedly leaked some iPhone 5 hardware specification it seems.

The screen size got bigger which is nearly 4+ inch and Audio Dock goes to the bottom which is little disappointing too. Bigger speakers and smaller dock connecter which will let many accessory makers to come up with dock connector and chargers for iPhone 5, if the rumors claimed are valid and true.

iphone 5 pictures


iphone 5


iphone 5

The design is So Apple and kind of confirming the rumor to be so real pretty much.

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    1. This one is not 3D or created by any user with a software. The pictures above are real and the combined only with outer parts that iLab factory has got so far. So chances are high to see this one during the September WWDC event 🙂


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