How to Make iPhone Caller Photo Full Screen?

While receiving an Incoming Call in your iPhone, You may notice some photos are displayed in Full Screen, and some are cropped and smaller circle photo with the incoming caller name. We can make the iPhone caller photo full screen by following simple steps if by default it didn’t work for some contacts.

I am going to share three methods to make the iPhone caller photo fullscreen for incoming calls. We are going to set full-screen photos for both new and existing contacts as well. Last method is optional, but it did help some people who find issues like first time it worked, and later on when you receive calls from the same person, it stopped showing incoming caller photo in full screen.

So, let’s try these steps and do let me know which one worked for you. Also attached a video tutorial at the end of this article to guide you with the process.

How to set iPhone Caller Photo Full-Screen for New Contacts?

If you want to set a full-screen caller photo for new incoming calls, it is easy, while creating a contact, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to Phone App – Contacts – Tap on [+] Button at the Top Right Corner and you will seeing the following screen.

Step 2: Enter Name, Number and Tap on “Add Photo” to add your Contacts Photo.

Step 3: Tap on Add Photo option

Step 4: Select Choose Photo to add a photo from your gallery

Step 6: Tap Done and your Contact is successfully Created now.

Important Note: make sure to add a photo that is shot using iPhone camera in portrait, like f

There you go! You have added a full-screen caller photo for your new incoming calls.

How to Set a Full-Screen Contact Photo for your Existing Contacts?

Your existing contact photos have been made into little, round pictures, so inspiring them to full-screen requires another change. You don’t have to take another image; simply alter the former one and you’ll have returned to a full-screen contact photo.

Step 1: To set full-screen photos for your existing contacts, Choose the contact and tap on “Edit” at the Top Right Corner.

Step 2: Tap Edit, under the existing contact photo.

Step 3: Make some changes to its position.

Step 6: Tap Done. Your iPhone Incoming Caller Photo Full Screen is set for this specific contact successfully.

When the person calls you next time, instead of seeing a trimmed circle-shaped photo, you will be seeing a full-screen contact photo.

iPhone Incoming Caller Photo Not in Full Screen?

If you still have Problem, even after trying the above two methods, then follow these simple steps to the contacts you are not seeing full screen photo.

Step 1: Open the Photo in Photos App or from your Camera Roll Recent Photos section and Tap on “Edit”.

Step 2: Tap on “Rotate” or “Resize” Icon as shown in the following picture.

Step 3: Tap on Preset Resize Button locate at the top right section.

Step 4: Select “2:3” to crop the Photo and resize will be done automatically.

Step 5: Now tap on “Done” at the bottom right corner and your Photo is ready to be set as iPhone Incoming Caller Photo Full Screen.

Follow the above suggested 2 methods to use this resized image as Contact photo, and here after, incoming calls from that person will be displayed in Full Screen.

I hope this article helped you to make iPhone caller photos full-screen. Thanks for reading and if you find this post useful, do share it with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. Someone facing a similar problem will be able to set their iPhone caller photo full-screen for their incoming calls as well.

Here I also attached a video tutorial for a clear understanding and Have a wonderful day!

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