Moviesherlock Pro for Mac OS Review and Giveaway

Search for your favorite Movies, Video Clips and Download them instantly from many video streaming websites. Moviesherlock Pro is an perfect app for Mac OS X to download your favorite videos and movies from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and some more free video streaming websites. No waiting time or Javascript troubles. Install Moviesherlock Pro and start downloading the videos right away.

movesherlock pro

Moviesherlock Pro also allows you to preview the Youtube Videos before you start the downloading. It has lot of other features as well which i like to highlight them here.

Search and Download Videos

Moviesherlock App for Mac is very easy to use. Simply search with keywords, titles or urls and initiate the download without any lose in Video / Audio quality. The progress window shows the completed downloads, and the catch is, you can trigger multiple video downloads at same time from different video sources.

Youtube Video Preview

Currently they have added Video preview feature for Youtube videos and expected to be added for other video streaming services like vimeo, dailymotion as well.


Get this decent and features rich internet video browser today. Moviesherlock Pro is available for 39.99 USD, which has all the options listed above.

If you are looking for Lite and Standard version then do read the below picture and decide the correct one suites your needs.

buy moviesherlock pro

Here we have an exclusive giveaway of 10 Moviesherlock Pro licenses to our readers. Participation is very simple and all you have to do is, follow the 3 easy steps to enroll yourself to the Giveaway list. We randomly select the 10 lucky winners to giveaway the software licenses.

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Thanks so much for your interest and participation. You may now share this post with your friends or followers to let them try and win one license.

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  1. more to the point: you didn’t identify which sites are NOT compatible with moviesherlock! –
    How does it handle streaming DRM? … eg Netflix or Amazon video?

    How does it compare with -say- Jaksta?

    This “review” seems like little more than a warmed-over press release! 🙁

    1. This software is not meant for videos or video sites that has DRM enabled. If it is, i would have mentioned it as one of the important feature.

      It looks like jaksta can record any streaming videos, but moviesherlock is meant for youtube, vimeo, dailymotion kind of websites.

      “This “review” seems like little more than a warmed-over press release!”
      as this is a giveaway sponsored post it is quite different than full detailed review. i will consider adding few more points next time. thanks for your questions which helped me to understand readers point of view as well.


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