HOW TO: Share Keyboard and Mouse with Different Macs ?

Sharing the same Keyboard and Mouse for dual screen Mac is simple but when it comes to two or three different Mac computers it needs an external application. So today we are going to discuss about an application called Synergy KM for Mac which helps in connecting the same keyboard and mouse for different Mac computers. This is an open source application which helps you to connect a single keyboard and mouse with multiple computers. This application also supports Windows and Linux which you can install using Parallels for Mac.


Sounds great isn’t it ? So if  you have a Mac and Windows machine in your home, you don’t need a separate keyboard and mouse for them. Also you don’t need any special hardware to connect these two computers just install the app in both the systems and start working comfortably. Let’s have a look at the features of Synergy KM and how to use it on your Mac and other platforms.

Use Synergy KM on Mac

Synergy is an open source application, which you can download it for free. We have added links at the end of this article. First install the application, where your keyboard and mouse is connected primarily. Once you installed the application, Launch it and in General Tab click “Turn Synergy On” button then select the “Share my keyboard and mouse” option in the window. Once you have selected the option, that particular machine will act as a server.


After you finish the above process, install Synergy in another computer which you need to share the keyboard and mouse. After you did that, go to the general tab and click “Turn Synergy On” and this time you need to select the first option “Connect to a shared Keyboard and Mouse“. Once you select that this machine will act as client for that previously configured Mac.

If the other computer you connect to your Mac is a Windows machine you have to install the Synergy for Windows. The procedure to set up client is same for Windows as you did it for Mac. You have to choose “Connect to a shared Mouse and Keyboard” option on the main window. Automatically the keyboard will start working between your Mac and Windows machine.


In this case, you have selected the Mac machine as your server. So once you go the application on your Mac you can see a window with a tab called Server Configuration and in the Windows machine you can see the client configuration tab which will display the computer connected with that particular mouse and keyboard.


Synergy has got plenty of positive reviews from users world wide and it works great without buying and installing any special hardware. So if you have multiple Mac or other computers you should try this application in your system. Also don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment box. Thanks for reading and have a great time with Synergy KM software.

Download Synergy for Mac, Windows and Linux.

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