Sonar: Best Social Network App For iPhone And Android

After Facebook and Twitter came into existence, the social networking has become a part of people’s life and business. Last week Facebook announced that they have 1 billion registered users and Twitter has around 500 million active users. People are so much interested towards social network is because of two reasons, the first one they can easily stay in touch with their friends. Second, they can get information about the world happenings instantly. Today many companies started promoting their business in social networks especially on Facebook and Twitter.

We also have very popular mobile social networking applications like Four Square, Instagram, etc., which are developed exclusively for Smartphones and works with the support of giants like Facebook and Twitter. In that list we have a new member called “Sonar” which helps in finding friends nearby.


Brett is the founder of Sonar and it is the fourth business to come out of K2 Media Labs, which has already services like Fingerprint, Track and Market Sharing. Sonar is quite similar to Four square. In Four Square you can make check-ins, add photos and leave comments that is all but in Sonar you can chat and share information with your friends nearby your location easily. Let’s have a look at the features and functions of Sonar below.

Sonar For iPhone and Android

You can download Sonar For iPhone from App Store and for Android from Google Play. Once you have installed the application, you don’t need a separate account to sign up for Sonar. You can use either your Facebook or Four Square account API to sign up and login. After you sign up for Sonar you can also connect your Twitter account with this app. So you can see all your friends from Facebook, Twitter and Four Square at one place. Once you connected the accounts it will show you who are all from your friends list made check-ins nearby.

Also it will show you people who use Sonar and made check-ins nearby. You can just send a friend request to connect with them and start chatting. If you are not in a mood to make new friends then you can easily stop strangers from finding you through this application. You can change the settings to chat only with your friends.


Apart from Four Square and Facebook you can also connect your Twitter and Linked In accounts to your Sonar network. This will bring all your friends from various networks at one place and you can see their check-ins and chat with them when they are nearby. So far the application has got so many positive reviews from its users. The only thing you need to look after is turning off the GPS when the app is not in use. Because it will drain your mobile phone’s battery faster, as it uses location feature all the time. Except that, Sonar is one of the best Smartphone app to stay in touch with your friends.

Do try this app on your iPhone or Android and share your experience with us in the comment box. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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