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10 Best Fitness Apps for Android Smartphone Users

Wakeup, Work, Eat, Sleep !!! Four must do things a human follows and been taught to follow irrespective of the race, culture, country, religion and location. These play a major role in the 10 commandments too but wait! are these four alone enough to lead a healthy lifestyle ? Absolutely not. That is why we thought to come up with best fitness apps for android mobile phones to help you stay fit and healthy.


Whatever you eat and wherever you work to maintain a healthy and organic life you must be fit and a fitness lover. This post will help you to maintain fitness as a habit and a daily routine.

Best Fitness Apps for Android

We thought to hand pick few best android apps for android smartphone and here they are with a short introduction.

Workout Trainer

One of the best ever app available in Android Google Play under Fitness category would be Workout Trainer. This allows you to start exclusively new set of workouts suitable to your timings, body type, frequency level and as well  keep track on the same. Its been integrated with an online fitness group where the fitness coach guides you with 1000’s of exercises based on your need through audio instructions and multimedia workouts.

Download Workout Trainer for free from Google Play.

Runtastic Running & Exercise

A big leap on to your day to day fitness and sports activities would be Runtastic. This is a hi-fi way of supporting you in your ideal, sweatstorm running and exercise. Runtastic uses GPS to track your running and fitness training there by calculating the distance, speed, elevation changes, time etc., and provide you with the detailed chart of your activity in form of graphs and dashboard. Runtastic comes with an integrated music player which keeps you pumped up during the fitness practice.

Download Runtastic Running & Exercise for free from Google Play.

VirtuaGym Fitness Home & Gym

Bring the gym to your home, Are you the one who dreamed it ? Yeah you got it ! Virtuagym brings gym to your home with some great workouts that you could go ahead doing at your home just as in gym and keep strict on your fitness schedule. Create a free online profile and then you are set to go on with 800+ exercises and receive badges on your regular progress that keeps you motivated on your fitness chart.

Download VirtuaGym Fitness Home & Gym for free from Google Play.

Daily Workouts

A simple and efficient app for the beginners and experts who target doing some quick workouts in less frequency of time. Workouts are generated in random everyday so that it will be a new experience for you to stick with some interesting app on your Android phone. Onscreen workout instructions and timer allows you wipe the sweat out and get down on your fitness track. The developers have a wide range of apps for each part workout and this app is best of all packed together.

Download Daily Workouts for free from Google Play.

Just 6 Weeks Lite

Won’t it be fun if you fix a target and achieve it in a time limit ? Just 6 weeks lite allows you to keep a straight challenge to yourself with prerequisite of a never give up attitude to the workout plan they provide and as they promise you will find a considerable change on your body as a result. This is not a big list of workouts with kg’s of weight but as simple as that through push-ups, sit-ups, squats, dips, and pull-ups.

Download Just 6 Weeks Lite for free from Google Play.

Gym Training – Sport, Workout

A perfect app for hardcore gym hitters and athletes supporting them with series of workouts and workout plans. Gym training helps you stay fit with regular and useful supplements in for of protein, amino acid, minerals and essential vitamins suggestions based on your workout plan. You can keep track your calories level before and after workout in a graph.

Download Gym Training – Sport, Workout for free from Google Play.

My Coach – Workout Trainer

Its always good to have a shoulder next to you and if you have a virtual coach on your day to day workout and fitness training nothing is impossible. My Coach is a awesome design to make you move and sweat it out for your fitness by simple and effective workouts which would consume 20 minutes of your time daily. My coach guides you through a series of levels in training so that start as a beginner and as a result see yourself as fit as you desired.

Download My Coach – Workout Trainer for free from Google Play.

Total Fitness – Gym Workouts

A pure gym workout planner which guides you through a series of exercise guides, workout demos, challenges, progress meter, workout builder, nutrition guide, utilities etc all together to bring you fit and to maintain your fitness level in the straight line.

Download Total Fitness – Gym Workouts for free from Google Play.

Fitness Buddy

A comprehensive exercise planner that have bagged a lot of appreciation from ESPN, Gizmodo and Life Hacker as one of the best app for fitness training. Fitness buddy provides you with 1700+ exercises, 1000+ video demos, 4000+ animated exercises and lot more. With Fitness buddy keep your workout routine healthy and Custom through your Smartphone.

Download Fitness Buddy for free from Google Play.

Building a Perfect Body Plan

As the name suggest the developers brought up this app with a single motive that it should be compatible to everyone irrespective of age and gender. This app helps you to keep a workout routine helps burning your fat and building your muscle. With optimized suggestions you could easily chose the planner and go ahead with your training and keep a track of your activities through a weekly and monthly graphical chart.

Download Building a Perfect Body Plan for free from Google Play.

Sometime ago we wrote best youtube channels for fitness, and you may add these to your Youtube subscription list. Excellent video collection from Fitness Experts and Gurus. The above list of fitness apps for android listed based on popularity, user reviews and the content they provide. Please add some interesting fitness apps you use through suggestions and do share the article with your friends if you find this useful. Have a wonderful day.

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