Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet Specification

We recently shared the upcoming Dell Inspiron Duo video in Facebook and here the full specification which will reach the US Stores in next week. Dell Inspiron Duo is a Tablet + Notebook which is totally unique in the Laptop market. The flip mechanism will change the Dell Inspiron Duo as a notebook or tablet. Lets have a look at some screens and video of the all new Dell Duo.

Dell Inspiron Duo is powered with Dual Core Atom N550 processor making it one of the first netbook size device. This has 2GB of RAM and Broadcom Crystal HD Accelerator for graphics. Its running Windows 7 Home premium and given Dell’s penchant for customisation.

Lets have a look at the flip it gives that makes you to say “Wow” 🙂

[youtube width=”550″ height=”344″][/youtube]

Dell Inspiron Duo Specification:

Type: Netbook

Bundled OS: Windows (7)


Screen size: 10.1 inches

Screen resolution: Other (1366 x 768)

Screen type: LCD (Active, Color, Backlit)

Touchscreen: Yes

Screen surface: Glossy


Processor make: Intel CPU

family: Atom

CPU model: N550

Processor speed: 1.5 GHz

Number of cores: Dual-core


WiFi: 802.11 n

Memory and storage (basic)

System RAM: 2 GB

Hard drive(s): 250 GB (total)


Keyboard: Yes

Pointing device: Trackpad


USB: 2.0 (2 ports)Availability

Availability: Not yet released

Announced (US): Sep 14th, 2010

Original MSRP: $549 USD

via [gdgt]

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