Greenpeace on Apple, Microsoft and Amazon Dirty Cloud [Video]

Greenpeace the Non-Profit organization has released few videos on Youtube that targets Apple, Microsoft and Amazon Dirty Cloud implementation and wanted to create a movement “How Clean is Your Cloud ?” against these three IT Giants. Apple has responded back to greenpeace, the day after being criticized and given low marks for their Coal usage in Data Centers.

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Apple has said that their data center which is currently under construction in North Carolina will use 20 megawatts and Greenpeace estimation of 100 megawatts is clearly wrong. Appls has also disclosed their power usage in other data centers for the first time.

Greenpeace on Apple’s Dirty Cloud [Video]

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Greenpeace on Amazon’s Dirty Cloud [Video]

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Greenpeace on Microsoft’s Dirty Cloud [Video]

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The videos are quite funny though, but aims to deliver a bitter truth that the famous products that we use every day like Amazon Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Microsoft operating system and other software that needs online cloud access, Facebook, Twitter and all the cloud usage requires more Coal to burn every day and pollute the environment at best.

Cloud Technology is Everywhere

When the Tech giants are so curious to get into cloud to serve their users better and to keep growing financially, it is also necessary to have a focus towards the Power Resource they rely on. It is all about Renewable energy and Greenpeace – Non profit organization is working hard to force the top companies to adopt and use it to save the environment and make a better future.

Many companies havent made their Power Resource methods transparent and this movement really created an effect to let the companies come out with a transparent details of their power usage and methods in play to keep their Data centers up and Running.

Whats your take on Greenpeace movement ? You may share your views in the comment box below.

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