Knownhost SSD VPS Review and Coupon Code

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Knownhost VPS is one popular web hosting service and recently they launched Knownhost SSD VPS web hosting for users who need faster data access and have more SQL queries related task (more resources) on their website. There are very limited number of SSD Hosting providers out there and specification changes with each of them from Basic to Advanced hosting plan. You must choose how much you want when it comes to web hosting. We have an exclusive 10% Lifetime knownhost coupon code for you today at the end of this article. So if you are convinced after reading knownhost ssd vps review, then dont miss the deal 🙂


If your website is currently hosted with Shared web hosting environment and limited with Resources, you may consider upgrading it to VPS hosting. VPS Hosting is affordable and suitable for many scenarios where a website consumes more resources and in a need to upgrade to a dedicated server. To cut expenses and meet the technical requirements, VPS is the best choice.


Well the difference between SSD vs HDD is quite huge in terms of performance. You can checkout videos in Youtube by searching with a keyword “SSD vs HDD” and you will find plenty of comparisons. I have upgraded my Macbook Pro Harddisk to Corsair SSD and the outcome is simply amazing. SSD uses Flash Storage just like the pen drive you have, and there is no business for disk inside the SSD drive, that makes it super fast in accessing the data stored.

knownhost new plans and discounts

Knownhost UPTIME Report

pingdom knownhost uptime

Knownhost Delivers the best Uptime as it promises. I get more than 99.50% uptime in my pingdom monitoring report every month. This is one more reason to love knownhost.

Why SSD Hosting ?

Who needs SSD Hosting ? that would be another question you may like to ask. SSD Hosting suits well for websites that has more number of SQL queries handling and pretty dynamic overall. SSD offers high speed data access and pretty expensive too. But dont worry, here Knownhost have an interesting offer for you where you can save 10% every month for lifetime on your SSD VPS Hosting plan and get best storage, memory and bandwidth.

eCommerce Website hosted servers are one such examples for handling more number of SQL Queries. Websites that has more plugins, extensions installed in its CMS or Blog software also uses more SQL Queries and page loading takes more time because of that when there is some increase in traffic. If you already hosted your website in a regular HDD VPS Hosting, and finding the webpage speed is killing your time with whatever optimization you have done, then you may consider moving your website to SSD VPS Hosting with little increase in monthly expenses. Yes, you read it correct, “Little” increase in monthly bill to bring huge difference overall to your website and web application.

Knownhost SSD VPS Review

Knownhost offers Managed SSD VPS hosting where you dont have to worry about any technical configurations and problems after your website successfully hosted with them. Unmanaged VPS Hosting means, you have to take care of all the configuration and settings from the scratch and it suits well for App Developers.

I am a knownhost customer for 1.5 years and so far their quick email response is the best part i liked. Some hosting providers have chat support but the problem is, you got to wait in the queue for more than 30 minutes to get a response, second you will need to stare at the chat window that says “operator typing…” for atleast another 2 minutes or more in many cases, which must be frustrating.

Knownhost dont have a chat support but so far their email system worked like a chat support for me 🙂 I get responses quickly every time i send an email to the technical support team for help with some server script installation, account modification and so on. They are simply brilliant in solving support tickets. This is not just some other brand promotion or product promotion article. I want to share this knownhost review with you all as i found them really worthy and best than the other leading hosting providers i tried.

Knownhost Cloud VPS Discounts

Get up to 40% OFF on Knownhost Cloud VPS with exclusive limited-time Discounts and Coupon Codes. Simply click on the following image to take you to the Tariff selection page. Your Coupon Code will automatically apply when you select Yearly Plan and Checkout.

knownhost cloudvps discount coupons

Knownhost Coupon Code

**NEW** Knownhost is currently running a promotion and you can avail 30% Knownhost Discount Coupon Code automatically applied to your Cart during Checkout. Select any VPS Hosting plan and go for Yearly Billing to Save BIG with your Hosting Billing.

If you are convinced and ready to buy a knownhost SSD VPS account, then here we have an exclusive knownhost coupon code for you today to get 10% discount for lifetime on your monthly billing. If you are looking for a Knownhost VPS Discount Code (HDD Regular), get it in the link. Here is our Knownhost Coupon Code.


Get 30% OFF with Knownhost SSD VPS Hosting

I personally recommend you to consider choosing SSD VPS if need a faster access overall to your SQL Queries and Website files. Also, consider choosing the best CDN if your blog or website use more images. MaxCDN Review that we wrote some time ago can help you decide the best cdn for you website.

Thanks for reading and choose wisely. Have a wonderful and productive day!

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