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Cyberlink has introduced PowerDirector for a Revolutionary Video Editing work. PowerDirector 11 provides an easy and fast way to create and share videos that you have taken using your digital camera or handycam. We like to record the special occasions and best times that we spent with our family as a video and edit them to make it look great always than unedited versions. By editing you can add some special effects to the video and cut few video clips which you dont want and so on. The video final output will be more fun and interesting without any doubt. PowerDirector 11 has some huge list of video editing tools to let you edit like a Pro, and get the best edited video as output.

powerdirector 11

You can use some good collection of templates, transitions and music to make the video look outstanding and bring professional touch into your videos as well. The templates added in Cyberlink PowerDirector 11 are so easy to use and renders your video so quick and makes sure to give professional level of editing at the final video.

TrueVelocity 3 Engine

TrueVelocity 3 Engine supports multi-GPGPU acceleration and OpenCL technology to maximize the performance from multi-graphics card installed on your computer. It uses the resource very well and delivers the video pretty fast by utilizing the CPU and GPU processing power. It also provides best optimized video editing, rendering and video effects.

PowerDirector 11 is an ultimate solution for your Video Editing purposes without much efforts or a need to subscribe for a course and spend thousands of dollars to produce an excellent video. Special Events and Family parties going to be more fun and best always when you use PowerDirectory 11 to produce videos. Let me highlight few important features that makes this software not just so easy to use and fast to render videos, also stands out from many other video editing software available today in the market.

PowerDirector Features

  • 100+ Built-in Effects
  • Pro Looking Templates
  • Awesome collection of Transitions
  • BGM Music collection instantly available
  • Very Flexible and Intuitive Interface to Edit videos
  • Blazing fast video editing speed and output delivering
  • Generate output compatible as DVD video file
  • Easily upload to Youtube, Facebook and more sites
  • TrueTheater Technology from Cyberlink makes the video well optimized with HD, Lighting Enhancements and De-Noise to eliminate noise in video and audio.
  • Built-in Stabilizer to automatically fix shakiness for the videos taken using Cam Corders
  • Dual Screen Support for video editing
  • Ripple Editing to insert and remove video clips on the timeline.
  • Hotkey functions to instantly perform various commands.
  • 100 Track Timeline to add more creativity in your video files.

You can see some more interesting new technology additions and features in the below picture as well.

Now you can see why i have mentioned PowerDirector as one ultimate video editing software compared to any other, that are available for Windows PC. There are alternatives to PowerDirector but nothing comes with this easy User Interface and Rich features that are easily usable by anyone without much software knowledge. Video editing becomes revolutionary when you use PowerDirector 11 on your windows computer. I like to mention few more points about other video editing software in this PowerDirector Review. The user interface is big failure for many software, which makes it not that easy to operate all the features available in it. Though there are softwares that has some good features, Cyberlink PowerDirector has more than that and let you access them easily without any special tutors or course. You dont need to spend your valuable time in learning the software. This one works out of the box and lets you become a pro video editor.

PowerDirector Coupon Codes

To even suite your needs, PowerDirector Series has some different types in it, so that you can choose the one that you want based on features.

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PowerDirector 11 Ultimate

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