PowerDVD 12 Review and 35% Coupon Code

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Cyberlink PowerDVD is one famous software that maximum windows users have tried to play their DVD video files in better video and audio quality. Though we have some open source media players available, the premium software for windows always has its own power to support many file formats and quality output for excellent user experience. PowerDVD was my favorite when i use Windows PC for my every day works. After switching to Mac, i moved to VLC Media Player. PowerDVD still has its unique features to stand out from many free media players on windows.

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In this article, i will highlight the features of PowerDVD and PowerDirectory, which is a new software launched by Cyberlink. PowerDVD 12 is the latest version and compatible with Windows 8 as well. Every year 100 million copies of powerdvd sold by cyberlink and its been one best choice for media entertainment on Windows computers. The only player that supports all media file formats for non stop entertainment.

PowerDVD 12 Review

PowerDVD 12 plays all known file formats from Movies, Music and Photos. That upgrades your media entertainment experience to a new level. PowerDVD also allows you to Stream videos from Facebook, Youtube and Home Network without leaving your player window. Also, if you use Flickr to upload your images, then you can stream the Flickr Albums directly from PowerDVD 12 software. No wonder, why it is called as an ultimate entertainment software, that you should have on your Windows PC.

PowerDVD now delivers the video and audio with HD and 3D quality. You can really experience huge difference compared to any other media players that is available for Free in the Internet today.

Blu-ray Player

PowerDVD has Blu-ray playback functionality that makes it as one of the best Blu-ray media player for Windows. As i said above, it supports all the known file formats including Blu-ray as well. You can turn 2D Blu-ray movies into 3D in real time to watch your favorite Blu-ray video files and movies with enhanced 3D quality of picture. That brings a True Theater 3D experience in your Home.

Convert 2D to 3D

The in-built feature lets you convert your 2D video to 3D and also you can now convert your Pictures to 3D to see more details wearing your 3D glass. The effect will be amazingly realistic and stunning when you view the converted 2D to 3D video or picture on your big LED television display.

Youtube Enhanced

Now you can stream your favorite youtube videos using PowerDVD 12 software without any browser. Also the enhanced youtube feature that comes with PowerDVD lets you stream Youtube videos in High Quality. It optimizes the video with its TrueTheater 3D technology to enhance the audio and video quality to a great level.

Surround Sound Enabled

Audio is very important and PowerDVD Surround sound expands audio output to mimic surround sound on Home Theater systems for a 2 Channel video content. Even it works very well on regular stereo speakers, headphones when you play multi-channel DVD video and music files.

Optimized for BIG TV

The TrueTheater 3D Technology available in PowerDVD enhances the picture quality and stretch it very well to fit the screen, without letting the viewer feel any picture quality loss. So every time you play a video from Blu-ray, DVD or Youtube, you get a full screen video with excellent picture quality and audio quality as well.

Shaky Cam Video Stabilizer

PowerDVD can now fix the shaky camcorder or video camera taken videos with its stabilizer technology and minimize the shakiness of your videos for smooth and steady video output.

Windows 8 Compatible

PowerDVD 12 is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 8 which will be released in few days. So you can buy right now using the following promotional code which will be available only for limited time, and you can use it on your Windows 7 computer right away. Once Microsoft released the next version of Windows, you can install PowerDVD 12 on your Windows 8 as well.

There are tons of other features that comes with PowerDVD 12 which is latest software to play all your media files. Read more at their official website and here we have an exclusive 30% discount coupon code (winter sale) for you today.

Update: Cyberlink Winter sale sitewide 30% Discount coupon is included and you can save a full 30% off from the original price of powerdvd software.

PowerDVD 12 Coupon Codes

PowerDVD 12 Standard

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PowerDVD 12 Coupon Code

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