20+ Best Youtube Channels For Fitness

Having a perfect shape is the biggest dream for anyone. But we always have a doubt and fear that where to start and what type of exercises to start with. Because if we keep on doing something wrong surely it will affect the health. Also there are lots of fake nutritional supplements available in the market that will completely ruin your health. Always we have some confusions when it comes to fitness and health. What if you get fitness advice from experts for free. Sounds great isn’t it ? Yes you can get fitness techniques and diet plans from Experts through YouTube for Free.


YouTube is one best video sharing platforms in the existing ones. It has millions of channels on various categories. So today I’m going to list out few best fitness channels on YouTube which helps you guiding through stay fit. You can subscribe to those channels to get advice from experts and start doing your workouts.

You will see the proof in video before starting with the workout and diet plans in your home. The worlds third most visited website of 2012 will now help you to be Fit and feel great now. The channels are listed based on different categories like Fitness, Nutrition, Health, etc.

ScottHermann Fitness

ScottHermann Fitness is one of the famous fitness channels on YouTube. The channel is unique and has more than 200k subscribers. They have categorized the videos based on workouts for separate parts of the body. So you can take a look at the specific category you need. (Subscribe)

Diet Health

Diet Health is the official video channel of Diet.com. The channel gives you a combination of both machine workouts and yoga techniques for weight loss. Many fat loss and advanced ab workout videos are available on the channel to make you stay fit. Also you will get lots of tips on weight loss and weight gain. It is one of the best fitness channels on YouTube. (Subscribe)

Six Pack Factory

Peter Carvell is the trainer of Six Pack Factory channel in YouTube. He gives the Killer ABS and Cardio workout to get six packs in just six weeks. He also gives you the nutrition plan and diet chart during the workout time to get excellent results. He also gives the workout plan for different parts of the body which helps you stay fit and healthy (Subscribe)

BodyRock TV

Body Rock TV is yet another popular fitness channel on YouTube which gives you a different set of workouts on a daily basis. It is the Bodyrock.tv’s official YouTube channel. They have separate workouts for men and women to burn the fat out of your body. Lots of users have found the workouts were very useful and helps in reducing or increasing the body weight. (Subscribe)

Iron Muscle TV

Iron Muscle TV gives you best workouts for different parts of your body. It gives you the proper way of doing your workouts along with the proper way of cleansing diet. This channel gives you the workout videos of top fitness model Ryan John. He is a professional fitness model and you can know his way of workouts to stay fit and healthy. (Subscribe)

Six Pack Exposed

Six Pack is the dream of every man on the planet. Six Pack Exposed’s YouTube channel is one of the best destinations for that. It has excellent workout videos for ABS and other parts of your body. Along with the exercises you will get to know about the low fat recipes to make your stomach flat. (Subscribe)

eHow Health

eHow Health is a yet another best fitness channel on YouTube. The workout videos from professionals will let you know about both fitness secrets and tips to keep your body healthy. Also you have additional tips on ehow website in health category. The workout videos are from fitness experts and professionals so if you follow the exercises daily you can see better results in your fitness. (Subscribe)

Scooby’s Channel

Scooby’s Channel is one of the popular home body building Channel on YouTube. The channel is completely of exercises which you can do it from home and most of them were manual not on machines. So that you don’t want to spend lots of money in buying equipment or spending for a physical trainer. It is free and more effective than gym workouts. (Subscribe)

Free Yoga Videos

If you are not interested in going to a gym or doing fitness exercises and want to do something natural to relax your body and mind then Yoga is the best choice. Yoga will relax your physical and mental as well as helps you stay fit. Free Yoga Videos is one such YouTube channel which gives you free videos on different type of yoga techniques from professionals. (Subscribe)

Passion for Profession

Passion for Profession is a unique fitness channel on YouTube. The entire channel is filled with animated videos with various workouts for your body. All the workouts in the channel are available in an application for iPhone and Android. You can download it from the App Store and Google Play respectively. (Subscribe)


Inshape4u is an exclusive YouTube channel for weight loss. Lots of simple workout techniques were given by the trainer to burn a number of calories in a short span of time. Also you have workout videos to gain muscles without losing your shape. It is a perfect destination for people who need results within a short period (Subscribe)


Dance Exercise

This is a perfect fitness channel for people who love dance. This channel is a complete set of dance lessons to burn your calories and lose weight. All the moves were exclusively composed to burn the maximum amount of calories from your body. Instead of doing hard workouts dancing is a best method to lose your weight. (Subscribe)

Home Fitness TV

Those not interested in doing hard workouts can choose fitness exercises from Home Fitness TV. All the exercises are simple to do it on your own. You don’t need any complex fitness machines or need to do any complex workouts. Using simple fitness equipment you can do these exercises. Most of the workouts were ground exercises so you can do it easily from home. (Subscribe)

Natural Body Building

Natural Body Building Channel is exclusively for Body building freaks. It includes hardcore workouts to build your muscles and become a natural bodybuilder. The workouts will rip off all the fat and increase protein to build muscles. You will get advices from experts to reshape your body into a perfect body builder (Subscribe)

Start Fitness

Start Fitness is a best motivating YouTube channel to start your daily workouts. All the exercises given through this channel are very simple and exclusively organized for beginners. The video lessons also include the experience and feedback from different people which will help you to understand the Do’s and Don’ts in your workouts. (Subscribe)

Body Performance TV

Body Performance TV will not have any workout videos instead they will guide you on doing your workouts. You will get workout ideas and health tips from experts. They will guide you on losing or gaining your weight without losing your health. So it is important have a look at the videos to balance your nutrition and workouts. (Subscribe)

Turbulence Training

Turbulence Training is a perfect YouTube channel for fitness. The videos will show you easy outdoor and indoor workouts to lose fat and gain muscles. The workouts are pretty simple and best one for beginners. There is no hard exercises, most of them will be simple and effective Cardio workouts. So you can easily learn and start doing it on your home. The exercises will be categorized based on the amount of calories lost during the workout. (Subscribe)

TeaRexx1 Fitness Channel

TeaRexx1 is one of the best fitness channels on YouTube. It has a workout plan called High Life which helps you to reduce the maximum of your fat in just six weeks. Separate workouts were available for ABS, Biceps and to gain muscle on different parts of your body. Also you will get guide from experts for best nutritional supplements (Subscribe)

Sadie Nardini Fitness Channel

Sadie Nardini is a professional yoga instructor and the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga. In this channel you will learn about yoga techniques to lose fat and stay fit. The channel not only helps you to stay fit also it will help you to lead a healthy lifestyle. (Subscribe)

Ask The Trainer

Ask the trainer is a quite different from other fitness channels. It has normal fitness workout videos in addition it has instructions to become a personal. If you are interested in being a personal fitness trainer this channel will guide you with the steps to become one. (Subscribe)

Lee Hayward

Trainer Lee Hayward is a professional body builder and in this channel he gives his own personal workout videos and tips to become a body builder. It is a complete fitness and body building channel in YouTube. Also you will get advice on taking nutritional supplements and the perfect workout methods (Subscribe)

Brandon Carter TV

Brandon Carter is a fitness expert who shares all his workout techniques and nutritional tips on his YouTube channel. Most important thing is you can do all these workouts from home itself so that you don’t want to spend huge amount of money for the trainers or gym. (Subscribe)

These are the 20+ best fitness channels on YouTube. Subscribe to your favorite ones and stay fit. Don’t forget to share your experience or queries in your comment box.

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