Copernic Desktop Search 5 Review and 30% Discount Coupon Code

Copernic Desktop Search 5 for Windows 10 is a powerful Search tool with more than 4 million users already using it on their Windows machine. Download Copernic Desktop Search 5 and start using it on your Windows PC to get more organized and see huge performance improvement in your search experience. Search Locally stored files, Emails, files stored on Network Drives, Cloud Drives and more. There are several feature highlights which we will be seeing in this quick review.

Also, we do have a 30% copernic desktop search discount coupon code for big savings when you purchase the premium version of this software to unlock more features and do more in your Windows computer.

copernic desktop search windows review

Before talking about their premium version or suggesting you to buy copernic desktop search license key, i like to give the feature highlights and which type of windows users need this software.

Copernic Desktop Search 5 Review

Default windows search is good until you have freshly installed and stored less files and folders. When you have Terabytes of primary hard disk storage, secondary storage disk drives, network storage drives or cloud storage drives (like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive) for storing more files, documents, emails, pictures and video clips, then comes the problem in searching and finding the file you want. It is not easy to find files you have stored few months ago or couple of years ago and want to retrieve it today for references, photo editing or document editing works.

Copernic Desktop Search 5 for Windows on the other hand, carefully indexes every single old files and new files added to the storage disks and organizes it very well for you. Simply launch the search software and start typing the file name you have in mind to fetch the most relevant and correct files that buried deeper on your storage disk drives. So what is the technology behind this powerful search software for Windows 10 and earlier versions? Lets explore it.

First, the copernic desktop search 5 software once installed integrates automatically with your email client and explorer very well to prepare the deep indexing. The company has mentioned it in their website, that they are using Boolean & proximity searching for discovery and indexing all the files stored in your primary and secondary disks.

It also uses lowest memory footprint, so that the software is blazingly fast when you search for any files. The software also stores all the information locally, so there are no upload of your files and data to copernic website or servers which guarantees privacy.

Who needs Copernic Desktop Search 5?

  1. People who are using Windows 10 or earlier versions.
  2. If you want to search files on connected external drive, network drives, dropbox, google drive and one drive.
  3. If you want to search inside PDF files and inside Files and Titles with its Deep Search technology.
  4. to Search Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange Server files.
  5. If you want performance oriented search experience.
  6. If you have tons of files and folders and the default search feature fails for you most of the time.
  7. If you want to save time in searching files, emails and documents on your computer.

There are few more application specific features available in copernic desktop search 5 for windows, and they work when you have installed third party software’s (Live Mail, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, Eudora etc.,) that stores your emails, files and documents.

Copernic Desktop Search 5 is the latest version which is compatible with Cloud Storage apps and fully integrates with Windows and Windows installed Software’s.

It has the best user friendly interface and design that helps anyone to become an expert in no time while using this search software for windows. Save time and be more productive with this ultimate search software for windows.

System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.

Trial or Free version availability: Yes, 30 days free trial version is available.

Store Price: $49.95

Discount Price: $34.96

Download: Copernic Desktop Search 5 for Windows

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copernic desktop search review

copernic desktop search discount coupon

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