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HOW TO: Disable Java in Firefox, Safari and Chrome ?

New Java security threat is in wild and it is important to temporarily disable java in your browser to protect yourself from any hacker intrusion and attacks. Oracle may release an update anytime soon to patch this vulnerability. U.S Department of Homeland Security urges users to disable java on their computers. Apple has took some step on this serious issue and disabled java for most mac users remotely. This new java vulnerability can let the hacker execute arbitrary code remotely on a vulnerable system. It is better to disable Java in your Windows or Mac OS X.


Web browser running in your computer uses Java, hence disabling java in your web browser is an important step too. This new vulnerability can also let hackers install a malware remotely on victims computer that can let them to commit any identity theft crimes and infect more computers easily on the same network.

Disable Java in Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome

If you are not sure whether Java is installed and running in your computer, then do run this java run test to check whether Java is running in your computer or not. Oracle has released an update last month that allows users to disable java completely in your computer with single click. If you are running latest version of Java then you can follow this step to disable Java from your computer, including browser as well.


Launch Java control panel, located in system control panel in Windows and “Applications – Utilities – Java Preferences” in Mac OS X. Navigate to “Security” Tab and you will notice “Enable Java Content in the Browser” checked box, just uncheck that box and click on “OK” to disable java in your Computer.

If you want to specifically disable Java in Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer, then follow these steps.

Internet Explorer: Follow the steps given above for system level java disabling, to disable java in Internet Explorer

Google Chrome: Type “chrome://plugins” in your browser tab and scroll down to locate “Java” to disable the plugin.

Firefox: Go to “Addons” and navigate to “Plugins” and disable Java plugin in Firefox web browser.

Safari: Go to “Preferences” and select “Security” then deselect “Enable Java” to disable java in safari browser.

That is it. These are the simple steps needed to be followed in order to disable Java in the web browser level also for entire computer as well. Oracle is working on an update to release a security patch for this high risk java vulnerability. We will update this article once the official news about Java update that fixes this vulnerability, released. If you dont have any updated and advanced Antivirus or Internet Security software installed, then its time to get one and protect your computer and privacy from these type of threats. Choose premium antivirus software than free version to get better and updated security protection.

Thanks for reading and you may now share this post to tell your friends and followers across social networks to stay protected from this new java security risk. Happy Computing and have a great day !

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