HOW TO: Sync iTunes with Google Play Music ?

Have you downloaded songs from iTunes and recently bought an Android mobile and want to sync the music files ? This can prevent you from once again buying your favorite music collection from Google Play Music. No one likes to pay twice for the same music file and you can easily sync your iTunes music with Google Play now. People started to use two smartphones these days for some apps and other requirements.


iTunes without Match service always downloads the music tracks that you purchase, to your local harddrive. Syncing iTunes with Google Play is totally easy and you got to follow few simple steps to automate this process. Google Play allows you to store upto 20,000 songs and listen to them from any web browser or mobile device.

Sync iTunes with Google Play Music

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Sign in and download Google Play Music Manager in your computer. Google Play music manager is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. This software from google, lets you to upload and listen to your favorite music collections from iTunes Library, Windows Media Player Library, My Music Folder, or folders that you can choose manually from your local hard drive.

  • Choose whether the songs should be uploaded Automatically or Manually from your local hard disk drive.
  • Adjust the bandwidth available for uploading your favorite music collection.
  • You can also view the progress of uploading.
  • Download any songs anytime that you have previously uploaded or purchased from Google Play store.

Lets see how to sync iTunes with google play music library.

Step 1: Download and Install Google Play Music Manager (35.6 MB file size) on your computer. Follow the on screen instructions to configure whether you want to upload the music files manually or automatically to the cloud. Also, you can select specifically which songs should be uploaded from the Playlist or from a folder. The following steps are going to guide you to configure it later if you want to change some settings that you have selected during the installation process.





Step 2: Launch “Music Manager” from your Applications.

Step 3: Go to “Advanced” from the Menu and select “Upload” Tab to configure and change the way music files uploaded to Google Play Music.

If you dont have any playlist created in your iTunes, then you can choose to upload songs manually from specific folder. Google Play Music Manager is very flexible and easy to use by anyone. If you want to download Google Play Music for Android then download it from the link.

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  1. Is there a way I can sync my movies, and ringtones I have saved in iTunes along with my songs??

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