15+ Crazy Apple iPhone Apps 2011

If there is something about to come or going to get released soon then it will be a thing which is already expected more or got many positive reviews. This is the most common market strategy. But the actual thing behind a products success is completely in hands of people named as users by the analytics. Users are those who will use the product to the core and define new availabilities and features to be added. In this order quality products were coming on one side sometimes some crazier products also welcomed huge by the users without reason.

Apple iPhone’s are those which comes under best selling and most welcomed product in the world. You can find almost any sort of application that would suit you and helps a bit in productivity. This post will bring you some apps that went crazy even though there is nothing to admire on it.


This is one of the craziest application that you would have ever experienced. If you go with the general thought and theme of this application is nothing but listening to a foolish character fart what ever you say. You can bring in your friends and fart with buddies. (Go to iFart)

Crazy mouth

As the name says if you wish you could have world’s most craziest mouth and make somebody laugh till die then go with this application. Craziest app that will be a perfect stress buster and with lot of templates so it would match you skin tone. Animated mouth transform you into a animated character. (Go to Crazy Mouth)

iPickup lines

This application is simply a prank or something that will make girl laugh at hype. All you need is to fing a girl alone and click on your iPickup lines then it will do everything for you. Generally girls will laugh at some nonsense phrases and this will bring those things to you handy. (Go to iPickup Lines)

Hold The Button

This application don’t even have a single piece of productivity in it but got millions of downloads and active fans for it. All you have to do is press the empty space on this application for a long, long time and check at last how long your press is been registered compared to other people on line. (Go to Hold the button)

Friend Doodle

Another interesting and stupid application just to make fun of the pictures you got in your gallery. Its like a child play to use this application and draw some weird things on your friends photo and do share to among others and laugh all day. You can make crazy drawings use crayons with more over 1000 color tones and have fun. (Go to Friend Doodle)

Sim Stapler

Simple stapler on your iPhone and this is the most weirdest app that you would have ever seen. Yes you need to make continuous tapping on the virtual stapler on screen and to make those in a flow. Do you find anything productive on it? According to them this is a stress buster and when it comes to me this is a stress creator again. (Go to SimStapler)

Crazy eye

Another application in the same thought as Crazy mouth. This application is again a bit more crazy to make some virtual wallpapers with crazy eye balls and use it on our face. Sounds stupid but this particular app have got lot of downloads and positive user reviews. (Go to Crazy eye)


If you think that blowing a birthday cake, a party candle and a cigarette lighter as a work then this application will help you to do all those above mentioned things. It will make your iPhone as a blower and help you to do such jobs for you. (Go to Blower)

Drunk sniper

Drunk sniper is another such crazy outcome for crazy fans. As it carries the full on full balance factor for which you need to hold your iPhone which will be spraying some soft drink on the toilet. You will be tilting left and right to spray in different directions. (Go to Drunk Sniper)

Respect my Authoriti

This application has no base and but a simple cause. Yes if you find yourself being ignored in public and i need to getting a small attraction then this is the right app. Respect my authoriti has some default logos of Police authorities and you can chose one among them and it will speak either in a male or female voice as the logo name carries. (Go to Respect my authoriti)


Its a funny tool to get rid of any long calls you were stuck onto. Its a real time rescuer as per the developers as this will help most of the phone addicts to cut down their call which wouldn’t end. The excuses will be real time like someone ringing the bell, a weak signal initiation by network, call waiting beep, baby cries and lot more so you can escape easily. (Go to Fake-an-excuse)


iNap is a simple way to fool your higher authority there by showing you are workaholic using some real sounds. Inside your cabin its you who need to make some sound to show your busy nature something like mouse taping, keyboard typing, stapler and random other paper fold sounds to show your environment as a productive one but fake in real. (Go to iNap)

Kiss Me

Kiss me  is a funny application which does the job as its name says. Actually you need to kiss your iPhone screen to access your quality in kissing. Its a party assessment tool which provides you the result in the form of ratings also a tag line with it mentioning your level. (Go to Kiss me)

Jokes !!!

It comes along with a default set of joke categories starting from your pet dog, animals, sports, doctor, couples, drunk and so on. You can update with new set of brainless jokes all time and make your friends laugh a lot. This is a perfect tool to keep your friends entertained all the time they were with you. (Go to Jokes)

Cow Toss

Cow toss is a foolish app which is all about using a cow in 3D to make some toss. When you shake your iPhone it will go up and rotate in 3 dimension and then land either normal or inverse. Even though the entire theme looks weird the application have got thousands of download. (Go to Cow toss)

Are You Stupider Than A Kindergarten Student?

This application will make you feel so “Am i so stupid ?” Yes it is full of some stupid questions which you need to answer bright and therefore your grade will be published. Once you fail then it is for sure you are so stupid than a kindergarten student. (Go to Are you stupider than a kindergarten student?)

Pie in the Face

This application will be like taking a picture from gallery and dashing it with some baked items. If you are frustrated and really want to thrash the person who made so then this is the exact things you need to look for. (Go to Pie in the Face)

If you have any more crazy apps that you have spotted in App Store and not listed here, please do leave the app name in the comment. Thanks for reading and please do share this article with your Friends and Followers in Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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