Apple to Introduce Sandy Bridge iMac Next Week ?

Apple may introduce Sandy Bridge iMacs, a new series of iMacs with new set of Intel Core i Processors next week. Also it may come up with some latest I/O technology sets which Apple has learned recently. Apple Insider has published this news few hours ago in its blog.

There are possibilities where the new iMac may come up with Thunderbolt port, recently launched by Apple with its new Macbook Pro range. Also the graphics adapter may be changed to an high performing series of ATI Radeon. Nothing is officially confirmed till this moment.

New iMac Release

Apple may also come up with a design that suites today’s climate conditions that increases the sales of upcoming months for MacBook and iMac products. The sales progress is not that much great when it comes to iMac compare to other products of Apple. So the company may work more on the facts to make the iMac and Mac looks and suites much better than its previous generation products.

The Core i Chips from Intel which is possibly might be adopted with  the upcoming new iMacs are power consuming one compare to its earlier models.

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