10 Best Facebook Apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac

If you went down the town and ask anyone about what is Social Media ? The answer will be obviously “Facebook“. The addiction towards this single platform have increased a lot. The developers didn’t even had imagined about such a craze for Facebook. The did their best to drive people from another big competitor called Orkut and right now people would describe that world largest migration is from Orkut to Facebook. Even though there are lot of such funny descriptions prevail in the town the actual fact for people switching to Facebook is their regular feature update. Facebook users started admired by some new features once they started feeling bored with the older one.

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This post is to list down various ways you could use Facebook both in Mac devices and iPhone devices like iPod Touch & iPad. For an out and out survey list with number of people using based on countries will be like this.

1. United States -154,923,900

2. Indonesia -40,139,480

3. India – 34,609,480

4. Turkey – 30,42,080

5. United Kingdom – 29,208,940

6. Mexico – 28,734,220

7. Brazil – 26,392,260

8. Philippines – 26,249,780

9. France – 22,599,080

10. Germany – 20,741,880

Facebook App For iPhone

Facebook 3.5

Facebook 3.5 is a well sufficient app for a iPhone user to stay connected with their Facebook friends. This app allows you to make instant status updates, picture sharing, chat window, and visiting friends profile. You can add the places on your update, modify and update group profile and sharing tool for privacy control. (Go to the Application)

Facebook app 3.5

VideoUp For Facebook

It is a common thought that how to upload video’s into Facebook directly from your phone. The process is getting even more simple using video up. This simple application will help you to upload the video’s from your iPhone, iPad and into Facebook in single click. (Go to the Application)

VideoUp For Facebook

Facebook Album Importer

One might think about having this particular application in their iPhone because you may download the albums instead of single single photos from a bulk collection. This saves your time a lot and also once you have done with the import operation you may engage in some other work till the process is over. Its not applicable for pictures in your profile but also in your friends profile in no time. (Go to the Application)

facebook album importer

Vonage Mobile for Facebook

If you think that you could make calls to your Facebook for free then this application is the right one you were searching for. With the help of Vonage Mobile you could change your social media into free calling media. The concept is simple you must have a Facebook account, Vonage mobile application and the same setup with your friend. Start enjoying free calls anywhere in the world. (Go to the Application)

vonage mobile for facebook


ShoutOUT allows you to update Facebook status and also the Twitter Tweet from speech to text. This is the full featured messaging app with voice sync.  The best thing is you can use the application hands free and it will be most helpful tool for instant updates and keep in touch on sharing your activities. (Go to the Application)

shoutout facebook app

Facebook App For Mac

Desktop Facebook

This idea is for keeping Facebook in your desktop without allowing you to open a browser or another tab to access it. Desktop Facebook allows to do all the functions you normally do with this application. For instance you can update status with current location, add pictures, edit the share option, tag your friends, upload videos, use apps inside Facebook. (Go to the Application)

desktop facebook

Facebook exporter for iPhoto

Facebook exporter allows you to transfer or directly upload the pics from your iPhoto to Facebook. This is simply exporting along with tagging, adding caption and share it on your wall so that all your friends may have a look on it. Facebook exporter is a best plugin for the transfer for iPhoto file to your social network profile. (Go to the Application)

Facebook exporter for iPhoto

VideoUP Link

Just like the application you have seen for iPhone this is for your Mac. Its very simple with Mac as you are going to drag and drop the files to be uploaded into your Facebook profile. You can also customize the resolution, caption, tags, also iPhoto Library to your Facebook profile. Quicktime is the only extra player you need to have as a must carry through. (Go to the Application)

VideoUP Link


It will be always fun let others know what we are doing currently. Some one may think about privacy but there are someone who do think this as fun and excitement. This application will keep your fun a bit more enjoyable along with your Facebook friends. It will share your current iTunes track in Facebook  and allow your fellow Facebooker’s to listen that as well. (Go to the Application)

ShareMusic facebook app

Facebook Alerter

Facebook alerter will notify you on your desktop as a pop-up whenever there is a possible change or update go on your Facebook Profile. This may be like new friend requests, comment or likes on your post, chat window, new messages, new tag requests, application requests. You need not to visit the profile if the notification is unnecessary and so you may ignore it on the small prompt window itself. (Go to the Application)

Facebook Alerter

Thanks for reading and i believe you got a facebook app by now from the above list for your Mac or iOS Device. Please do share this article with your friends and followers in Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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