Best Resources to Learn Swift Programming Language

Apple has introduced Swift Programming Language last month during WWDC 2014 event. If you were searching for resources to learn swift programming language at a fast pace to start developing Apps for iOS and OS X, you have come to the right place. Swift Programming language provides its own versions of all fundamental C and Objective C types. It is important to know C and Objective C before starting with Swift.  Apple also introduced Swift Playgrounds to let you experiment the language and see the result in real time.


Which means, you don’t need a simulator software to run your App, you will see the actual output instantly while you type the code in editor window.

If you are new to Objective C and dont know where to start, then i first like to suggest you some best places to learn Objective C. Code School is one of the best place to learn Objective C language, also Lynda is my all time favorite and they have good materials if you are ready for paid video tutorial contents. If you prefer a printed book (which i also suggest) then consider taking a look at Amazon Book Store for best objective c books.

Udemy is the fastest growing online learning platform and millions of students have registered and got certified by trainers in various expertise. It is my favorite platform that i always recommend my students to study online at their convenient timings and get certified (some courses offer course completion certificates).

Learn Swift Programming Language

Lets talk about resources that will help you to learn swift programming language faster and get ready to create your first iOS or OS X App. Just like C Programming, Swift uses variables to store and refer to values by an identifying name. Swift also uses variables which values cannot be changed. These constants are much more powerful than constants that you use in C language. This way Swift makes code safer, cleaner and easy to understand and use across the coding.

If you use iBooks on your OS X or iPhone, iPad then you can download Swift Programming Basics eBook released by Apple officially.


Getting Started with Swift by Appcoda – Popular iOS App development tips and tutorial blog that continuously writes about some questions asked by its readers. Author Simon ng regularly writes about iOS Programming 101 that clarifies many doubts of beginner iOS developers. They do have a well compiled iOS 7 Programming Course that is absolutely free of cost. They update their blog every week and add new tutorials. Dont forget to add appcode to your RSS Feeds.

Learn Swift Tips – This website collects various swift programming learning materials from different places in the web and categories it for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level of learners. You dont have to spend hours in searching for swift learning materials when you have this website bookmarked.

Go to

SoSoSwift – Another website that contains comprehensive resources for Swift Programming language collected from various websites. Youtube, Vimeo, Weblogs and various Websites that writes about Swift Tips, Tricks and Video materials are regularly updated and posted in this page. If you are curious to follow more updates and experiments that Swift Learners come across, then you can bookmark this webpage to make the learning more interesting.

Go to SoSoSwift.

Swift Cheat Sheet – Mohammad Hossein Mojtahedi author of this Cheat Sheet recently updated this Swift Cheat Sheet at Github. You can read it online or download it and copy it to your Tablet or Smartphone and keep it handy.

Learn Swift – Apple’s New Programming Language by Examples

As i mentioned earlier, Udemy is my favorite online learning platform and i like to suggest you a Swift Online Course from an Author who have more than 3 years experience into iOS App Development. This is a course for new programmers who dont know Objective C before then this is the one for you. If you know Objective C already and want to learn Swift, then this works super fast and saves lot of time for you. At just $99 this course package is one of the best deal. It has got best ratings and positive feedback from existing students. 6000+ students so far registered to this course world wide.

Course Price: $99

Learn Swift Programming by Examples

Some time ago we wrote about How to learn iOS Programming Course Online which helped hundreds of users to find a best course to kick start with App Development which also includes, developing 14 Apps for iOS devices. It is worth looking at if you want to do iOS 7 and 8 App Development.

That is all for now. We will be updating this page with more interesting resources once the iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite rolled out to public. Swift will be more useful and fun to learn once more applications started to arrive. Prepare yourself by learning the basics of swift programming language today. Thanks for reading and you may share this post with your friends and followers across social networking websites. Have a wonderful day.

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