Get Your IPhone 4 SIM Free and Unlocked in UK

IPhone pre orders are fired up across UK Mobile carriers today. If you feel like getting an IPhone 4 with full freedom to use, sort of SIM Free and Unlocked to let you choose your favorite service provider, then goahead and book it now. Apple has announced the SIM Free and Unlocked pricing of IPhone 4.The price is quite higher than expected but still people are rushing up on the stores to book theirs.

16 GB model priced at 499 Euros.

32 GB model priced at 599 Euros.

Both can be grabbed unlocked and ensures your freedom of choosing the operator. To avoid the lengthy contracts users have to bear this high pricing without choice. Still, not all the carriers are declaring their IPhone 4 tariffs, hence its pretty difficult to compare the potential cost saving or premium paid for going commitment free. What will be your option now ? pre ordering the IPhone 4 or waiting for the tariff to get lower than now ??? 🙂

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    1. I bought my IPod Touch 3G recently and totally enjoying it. Apple product is great in design but not much great with their service and customer care.

      I heard so many negatives about their customer care and product replacements especially in india from my friends.

      – Robin

    1. Yes Siva, the battery drains soon if we keep the wifi ON. anyhow the next version has a big battery and more time to surf through wifi. 🙂


      – Robin

  1. Even unlocked, this famous smartphone is too expensive for many potential buyers. Yes, iPhone 4 has a lots of new and really nice improvements and feautures, but parallel it has many additional problems (like antenna issue) and additional orders (for “special” accessories).
    But, people who bought it – mostly really happy to have such a powerful device in their hand 🙂

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