Pwn2Own Contest, Browsers are Getting Dressed

Its going to be a festival season for Hackers who are going to participate in CanSecWest 2011 on March 9 till 11. Hackers will have a chance to “pwnIE8, Safari5, Firefox 3, and Google Chrome 9 which is running on the latest hardware. Hackers who pwn it will get 125,000 USD as well as laptops including a 13″ MacBook Air. Which is a big money ofcourse !

Hackers do have chances to crack mobile platforms including Dell Venue Pro running Windows 7, an iPhone 4 running iOS, Google Nexus S running Android, and Blackbery Torch 9800 running Blackberry 6 OS.

Pwn2Own Hacking contest has so many expectations still browser developers have fixing many vulnerabilities by security patches.

via [Arstechnica]

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