Best Torrent Downloader Apps for Mac OS X

Most of us use Torrent to download movies, music videos and documents. It is the super fast, easy and currently used by millions of Internet users world wide. There are several torrent client apps available for mac and finding the best torrent downloader for mac is pretty easy. The list of torrent apps is short, selecting the one is not that tough with our list.

There are several cross platform torrent downloader apps available, so if you have newly bought mac computer and migrating from Windows or Linux, then you will find same torrent downloader for mac as well.


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Some of the apps are compatible with latest OS X Yosemite. All these apps are free torrent apps but you can upgrade to PRO version if you need more features and integration with other apps you have on mac.

Best Torrent Downloader for Mac

Alright, without any further delay, lets explore the list with short description.

BitTorrent for Mac

Bittorrent is a small and very easy to use utility for mac that allows you to download torrent files. Simply download the torrent file and double click on the torrent file to launch BitTorrent automatically. It integrates well with the OS X Yosemite and launches whenever .torrent file extension is clicked. The developers also regularly updating this app which makes it stable and compatible with all latest versions of OS X. Its free and download unlimited files on your mac without any limitations. It has built-in bandwidth booster that automatically adjusts bandwidth usage based on Network, Internet Connectivity.

Important Note: While installing BitTorrent on your computer, you may be prompted with an offer to install additional application. Make sure to read it and “Decline Offer” if you don’t want unwanted programs to run inside your computer without your knowledge.


You can also control the upload and download speeds of each file and schedule the torrent downloads on mac easily. BitTorrent Pro version brings Adfree, Antivirus Protection and HD Media Player built-in to help you play video downloads and stay secure with the files downloaded via Torrent websites.

Download BitTorrent for Mac

Transmission BT for Mac

One of my favorite torrent client since OS X Lion and when i use Linux Ubuntu. Transmission bt torrent client for mac is an open source torrent app which has all essential features to download torrent files. Transmission Web Client allows you to download torrent files via Web Browser, so you dont have to install any app to download torrent files. Transmission bt is regularly under development for Mac, Linux versions and works pretty stable on most of the latest OS versions.


Download Transmission for Mac

Folx Pro for Mac

Folx is the Best Internet Download Manager for Mac, additionally it supports Torrent downloads as well. Which makes it as the best torrent downloader for mac as well. Folx Free is sufficient if you want to download files via web browser which also has extensions support for Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox. If you want to download youtube videos, torrent downloads, resuming capabilities, split download option, and high speed downloading features, then consider getting PRO version.


Its absolutely worth upgrading and gives you more features compared to free softwares.

Download Eltima Folx Pro for Mac

Vuze for Mac

Vuze is a popular torrent client app with tons of cool features. You can download Vuze for free and comes with more file organizing options, HD video player, Streaming capabilities and Web Remote options. When you go for Vuze Plus, you will get DVD Writer, Antivirus, Play Now and Advertisement Removed as features. Most of us will find Vuze free version pretty sufficient and it easily becomes the best and top torrent client app for mac users. If you have used Vuze in Windows and liked, then you can get the same experience on Mac too. Vuze integrates well with OS X and you can label and organize all the torrent downloads easily.


Vuze Torrent Downloader Subscriptions enables you to automatically find similar content and download them whenever new episodes or contents available.

Download Vuze for Mac

XTorrent 2 for Mac

XTorrent was popular with OS X Lion and Mountain Lion, but the team stopped developing this simple, elegant UI torrent application for past couple of years. You can download the latest version XTorrent 2.1 from their website and it still works on OS X Yosemite latest version as well.


It has a clean sidebar layout that helps you organize current downloads, finished downloads, music videos, movies, documents and tv shows. You can also search for torrents right inside the app and download, subscribe to them in a click.

Download XTorrent 2 for Mac

Where is uTorrent? the popular torrent downloader for windows, linux and mac? Well, in recent news security researchers found that uTorrent update build 38913 comes with a Bitcoin mining utility that eats up CPU and Memory of users computers to generate bitcoin and the details are hidden in User Licensing Agreement. uTorrent also confirms the news and a software called Epic Scale that comes as a bundle with latest uTorrent updates. So we like to not recommend uTorrent for security concerns and installing an add-on that consumes user computer resources without proper permission.

Important Tip: Always go through the installation wizard slowly reading whether you are given any notification about offers to install additional software, app or add-on. You can decline such offers to prevent any adware, spyware and other security problems.

So which torrent downloader for mac you have selected today? Tell us in the comment box below and don’t forget to share a word about this post with your friends and followers across twitter, facebook and google+. Have a wonderful day.

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