Best and Essential Mac Apps for New iMac and Macbook

Bought a new Mac and looking for some best and essential apps that you should install on your Macbook or iMac ? Then this article may help you to find the best apps for mac and make sure to read the short description to decide whether you want them or not. I dont just recommend apps, also i recommend that installing less number apps (the apps that we use and only wanted) can help the computer to perform well. Whatever OS platform you use, this should be remembered to keep the computer clean and performance at top.

We recently updated the list, check out Essential Mac Apps for New Macbook and iMac 2014 here.


You may use any third party software to do complete uninstall of Game or Software that you have installed. Sometimes the default uninstaller may leave some junk files in some folders which simply occupies some storage in your hard disk drive. When i thought of finding some best app, i had to include some paid app as well. So this list will consist of Paid and Free app

Clear App for Mac


One of my favorite To Do App for mac, which is very simple and easy to use. I first used Clear in my iPhone and liked it so much, then i found that Clear app is also available for mac. Swipe and its done. Clear uses iCloud to keep your lists organized in your iPhone and mac, that makes it easy for you to keep things organized wherever you go.

Price: 9.99$

Download: Clear App

VLC Media Player for Mac

Entertainment begins with VLC Media Player on any OS Platform. Except Blu ray support VLC is the best media player to play any video file formats on your mac os. VLC is very popular and it dont need any much introduction. It plays most of the video files without any trouble and you will set this as a default media player on your Mac if you are going to use it for the first time. Quicktime player has so many codec troubles and it is best only for MP4 playback.

Price: Free

Download: VLC Media Player

F.Lux for Mac

F.Lux is an essential app for your Macbook or iMac, if you sit in front of your computer for long time. The screen brightness can make your eyes uncomfortable and F.lux app automatically adjusts the screen brightness or display brightness based on the duration it has been turned ON. It makes the color of your computers display adapt to the time of the day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. F.Lux helps you to sleep better or you could just use it because it makes your computer look better for your eyes.

Price: Free

Download: F.Lux App

Evernote for Mac


Perfect cloud sync and wide platform support makes evernote as a very successful app. Best for Writers and Bloggers who want to organize their articles anytime and anywhere. Evernote is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android and Windows. You simply sign into your evernote account and start writing. It stores the article in cloud, where you can access it from anywhere by logging into your evernote account. Its really simple and easy to use without any hassle.

Price: Free (pay for extra storage and features)

Download: Evernote for Mac

Skitch for Mac

[youtube width=”560″ height=”344″][/youtube]

Another product from evernote team which uses cloud to store your Image editing tasks. The best annotation tool for Mac. You can use available shapes, sketches to make your ideas become reality when you use this app. Skitch is an easy to use and quick image editing tool for Mac, also available for Windows, iOS and Android.

Price: Free

Download: Skitch for Mac

Transmission Torrent Client for Mac

Looking for best and simple torrent client for your mac ? Transmission can suit your need. A very simple design just like many other Mac apps, transmission lets you to download your favorite torrent files. This is an open source torrent download manager for Mac OS X.

Price: Free

Download: Transmission App

UnRarX for Mac

Mac OS X by default dont support .rar file formats. Windows users are so familiar with .rar file format as they have WinRAR software installed as one of the essential software to compress files and folders. That is why we have UnRarX for Mac OS X which is an open source and best rar software for Mac. You can now compress and decompress files in .rar file format on mac quickly and easily. no more worries about rar compatibility issues on Mac.

Price: Free

Download: UnRarX App for Mac

Sparrow for Mac

Mac comes with default Mail Client which is pretty great in all aspects. Still, if you are looking for some alternative for Mac Mail app with Push Notifications ? then Sparrow can be the best choice. Google recently acquired Sparrow and this excellent software has some simple UI and Design to let you use your mails. Configure multiple mails and read mails in one place without any complex steps to follow. You can add or remove any mail accounts under “Preferences – Accounts” tab. Sparrow is available for iPhone as well. For long time, sparrow mail app fans are waiting for Sparrow for iPad.

Price: 9.99$

Download: Sparrow Mail App

Gemini for Mac


Duplicate files occupy your hard disk drive and it is just a waste of storage. Duplicate files are created during software installation process or by software (app) that you use in your computer. It is not that easy to find the duplicate files in our disk drive. That is why we need a duplicate file finder app or software to scan and find it, so that you can delete and free up some space. Gemini App for mac, awarded as one of the Best Mac App of 2012 can help you find the duplicate files on mac os x. You may download trial version of this software before buying it.

There is an offer currently for this brilliant app where you can get 50% Flat OFF. So get it for just 5$. Offer valid till February 7, 2012.

Price: 10$

Download: Gemini Mac App

Teamviewer for Mac

Best and Free Remote desktop app for Mac. Teamviewer makes the remote assistance and remote desktop task completely easy and free. For non commercial use Teamviewer is absolutely free and for commercial use there is a little charge. You can download teamviewer and run the app without installing it. If you will use it frequently then consider installing it in your Mac. Not just for remote desktop and support, this software can also be used as an Online Meeting or Web Conference software with screen sharing feature without any worries about platform. Teamviewer is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 8 platform as well.

Price: Free (for Non Commercial use)

Download: Teamviewer app

Screenflow for Mac

Looking for a screen recording utility that can do amazing things than not just screen recording ? Then Screenflow can be your best software to record screen and edit them to make the final output video look totally amazing. Screenflow is an award winning software and used by people who are into creating video tutorials (how to’s), Presentations and video content creations. Nested clips and Media Library tools, Chrome key and effects, Captions and MPEG 4, regular updates to add some features and bug fixes. This is one brilliant software that can suite your video recording and editing requirements on Mac. Detailed screenflow 5 review and a 5% screenflow discount coupon can be found here.

It is the latest version which you can download right away. Little expensive but you wont find it as expensive after exploring the features it offers.

Price: 99$

Download: Screenflow 4

Skype for Mac


The famous video chatting app for Windows is also available for Mac OS X without any compromise in features. Skype for mac is the best video calling software available in App Store. Microsoft has recently acquired Skype. Make Free video calls and voice calls to other skype users and Group video calling is also possible but need some Skype Credits which you can purchase from Skype store.

Price: Free

Download: Skype App

There are hundreds of softwares and apps that are available and considered as essential. It is not possible for us to feature all of them in this page, but you can add some of your favorite mac apps that you find as best to recommend, in the comment box below. Thanks for your patience and time taken to read this article. Have a wonderful day !

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