Facebook Privacy Fix for Firefox and Chrome adds Better Security

Facebook is the first website that millions of users access in their web browser before opening any other websites. We record so many things every day in facebook without caring about Privacy. Some best moments, interesting facts that we came across, favorite foods, special occasions that we enjoyed with friends, announcing that you got a girl friend or a boy friend, getting married and so on.

Its a kind of Public Diary that we write to let our friends and the world know what we enjoy, what we like, what we don’t like and so on.

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Facebook means a lot for millions of users. I saw many updating “Good bye Facebook”,” No more facebook, thats it”,”Quitting Facebook”,”i quit facebook forever” and so on.. but the percentage of users who really quit facebook is very very less. Many just dont know what other websites they can visit without facebook. So they just come back again and reactivate facebook account. Anyway that is totally a different chapter and let me come back to the topic.

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Privacy Fix for Firefox and Chrome

Facebook is money minded. Every one knows that and it is important to take care of your privacy than just depending on the default privacy settings available at Facebook. If you dont care about your privacy settings and spending time to learn about it, then some day there will be a surprise for you. Prevention is better than Cure and it is very important for an Internet user to know about security when they connect their computer with Internet. It is not good to take steps after being victimized.

It wont consume a month or half of your life to learn about the basic security tasks you should do online to secure your identity and other data that you dont wish to let anonymous users access. Facebook collects plenty of such privacy sensitive data from you and your computer.

PrivacyFix is one powerful chrome extension or browser addon for your firefox that helps you what information from your facebook account is currently accessible by your “friends, friends of friends and public” users. You can then easily turn the feature ON or OFF to protect your sensitive photos and other data. Take control of your facebook privacy now with PrivacyFix.

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Download PrivacyFix

You can download PrivacyFix for Google Chrome or Firefox now. The developer team is also working on an PrivacyFix extension for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Expected to be released soon.

There are so many websites and anonymous people out there tracking your status updates, information that you have entered in your profile page and photos. Take control of them now by installing privacyfix on your browser and decide who can see your data and what should be on the web. Dont let everything you put online publicly available. Pictures you have taken with your family members and close friends are not good to see online in google and other search engines.

This very easy to use tool will let you see privacy risks and allows you to fix them instantly. You will also get an alert when you visit websites that can get some personal data about you. Also it gives you suggestions to remove website cookies and deletion of any personal data that you may leave online while surfing the web.

This is one must have browser extension without any doubt, if you use Social media a lot. Know what you share and have control over your information, photos and other data.

Privacyfix is free and download it right now to see how effective it is in protecting your data and how much info you have made publicly available to access by anonymous users. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful and safe day.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. this one seems to be safe ride for securing the privacy wing for social networking sites.. just installed the add-on I thought it would be better if the author have concentrated more on all the social networking sites rather than sticking to few..

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