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Airtel Launches 4 MBPS Impatience Plans Across India

Airtel announces their new broadband plans that give 4 mbps speed, where you can download a 5 mbps song in just 10 seconds.

And movie can be downloaded in 20 minutes time. Sounds really great, isnt it ? ofcourse, the pricing also looks so compromising. The 4 mbps have no unlimited connection so far. But i am expecting the 2 mbps plan to be updated with some unlimited plan type probably in a month or two.

The unlimited plans tab will show you the unlimited usage that you can get only in 256 kbps speed once you completed the 4 mbps plan usage limit. You may also checkout the comparison chart to assess the speed level you will get while choosing any of the mentioned plans. Across india, Airtel is the first internet service provider to upgrade their plans much faster than any other ISP’s. This new plans is going to be a real challenge for other ISP’s. We may expect the similar plan launches in next month with BSNL and Reliance.

If you dont have an airtel broadband connection in your home then get one by filling out this form. Dont forget to checkout the free goodies in the given link.

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    1. Thanks for your comment @Sidharth.

      I am using airtel for 3 years and so far its really good at customer service in our area.

  1. the plans ar awesome … but airtel provides nly limited service … when i asked a airtel customer care for my area (there is no service in my area now) … he said that it will take at least 7 more years to get service to your area … why is this so ??? why doesn't airtel provide service in rural areas ?!!

    its a food for thought question ..

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