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Airtel reduces the Broadband Top up pricing

Bharti Airtel, one of India’s leading internet service providers (ISP), have reduced the pricing for Broadband Top Up Packs. This is good news for people looking for instant speed with their existing 64, 128, 256, and 512 kbps connectivity speeds. The slash made looks better than the previous pricing, which was Rs 200 / hr for 2 Mbps connection.

What is Broadband top-up?

Even though you are in some slower speed connections (say like 64 kbps), you can upgrade your connection speed to any of the four available connection speeds (to 512 kbps or 1 mbps, 2mbps) in per-hour charges.

Activating the Instant Speed through Broadband top-up is a very easy process. You must have an airtel customer portal account to activate the instant speed. If you don’t have one, call 121 from your Airtel landline to create by Airtel customer support representative. Use the login details on My Account page to check your usage and bill payment etc.,

The same id can be used in the Speed on Demand area to activate 2 Mbps speed for just Rs 20. Let me give the chart showing the price for four different top-up packs.

512 kbps sounds quite ok. But, I am still not satisfied with the 2 Mbps pricing. The next announcement will surely have a good set of new plans and price reductions.

In Bandwidth on Demand section select your desired speed for the next 1 hour and enjoy downloading huge files for a low price.

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