Author Stream announces 90% Discount for Teachers and Students

illustration_imageAfter preparing your presentation, sharing with your students, colleagues or friends usually done by attaching in an email. After the arrival of Presentation Sharing websites, people started to upload and share the presentation with a single url. Recent updates done at Slideshare made the presentation loading time faster. Alright, i here to tell you about the Author Stream and the recent huge discount announced by them for Teachers and Students alone.

I am into Elearning domain for more than 4 years and always look for best Web Conference, Audio Conference and Presentation sharing solutions. In that order, author stream is one of my favorite which i am using, almost for an year. Ofcourse, i am 100% satisfied with the service they offer. Right now i own a free account and that itself suites well for my small organization. As my requirement increases and i thought of switching for premium account, where i can upload more than 20 presentation slides to share it with my students.

In Free account you will be able to upload only 20 private presentations. Author Stream allows you to make the presentation public or private viewable. Across the world many Lecturers, Professors and students are using Author stream for their lectures etc., The Premium account enables the presenter to upload almost 500 presentation slides without size limit. No annoying advertisements within your slides while sharing with people. Here is a sample presentation hosted with author stream.

Alright let me share the discount information. The usual premium account costs around 300 US $. Till september 30th the team announced a discount of 90%, especially for students and teachers. That means you need to pay only 24.95 US $ for the whole year usage. Another great news is, the current offer is not just for 1 year. They made the offer more clear that users can renew their account for the same 24.95$ till the year 2014.

I know it will really sound cool for an existing author stream Free account users, and whoever thinking of switching for better presentation sharing service from their existing one.

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  1. It sounds great and a nice offer to adopt too… People who has free account and who know the importance of having slides online will surely be benefited. I think you used this service in the course material to load the slides.

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