Jolicloud Review, Best Cloud Operating System for Netbook

Jolicloud is one of the  Web OS for the net books, which offers the compatibility of all the popular operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac. It needs a minimum of 4GB space in your hard disk. It is a cloud based operating system, now its on the version 1.0. The OS doesn’t ends with the music and text editors, being a web OS it offers the popular social networking apps like facebook, twitter and much more. Google chrome is the default browser to browse the web.

For the past one year Jolicloud came around with the linux based structure and hoping the users doesn’t want to spend the time online with the apps available on the previous versions, the version 1.0 focuses more on the popular web apps and the apps for social networking users.The only specification that Jolicloud puts in front is, you must have internet connectivity in order to use the operating system. Ofcourse, any cloud operating system requires internet connectivity to login and manage your space and applications configured in it. It also offers the users to sign in to any of the computer in which Jolicloud is installed and they can use it as their home machine. There may be a question that what I can do if I don’t have the Jolicloud OS in the system which I was using ? For that it provides a option called Jolicloud USB creator.

It offers users to carry their operating system in the USB with them  and the user can connect with any system having internet and they can enjoy it as their own system. The Jolicloud came with the Google Docs for the general office works and for the multimedia works GIMP is available to satisfy the user needs. The user can enjoy the music by VLC media player, and more. More than 700 applications are available on the Jolicloud to satisfy the user needs.

HTML5 is the most important key feature of the Jolicloud. It offers the users to install and uninstall their applications with a single click.

Download Jolicloud OS

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    1. Thank you for your comments Priya..While using USB it was like using a live CD for an OS, so you can boot from the USB and it doesn’t requires any space from the hard disk.

  1. Hi Prakash!

    I have an HP mini with win7starter OS. I want to replace it with Jolicloud. I downloaded Jolicloud installer in a USB but could not get past the part where I create the USB key. The “target device” cannot be read. How do I install Jolicloud then?

    Many thanks and best regards!


  2. This OS sucks. You have to sign on to Jolicloud servers to use the apps. Why do I have to sign on to the internet (jolicloud servers) to use my netbook ? I would not consider this a secure OS. Any one who says this is a great OS…. works for Jolicloud.

    1. The reason behind cloud computing is that rather than use the little amount of processor performance on your machine you use the servers instead, Resulting in fast, Anywhere accessible information. I love it My netbook never this fast yet with Windows 7 Dual Booted For Programs.
      Thanks Jolicloud

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