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Xtranormal provides you the great feature of creating your own movie entirely online. You dont have to install any software to create your favorite discussion based movies or product presentations. You can make two famous cartoon characters have a conversation about your brand, product or website. Here a sample movie i created about dailytut, where Sarah Palin and David (anchor) discuss about our upcoming contest in DailyTUT.


[youtube width=”550″ height=”344″][/youtube]

So, you must be ready with your script to start creating your own cartoon based movie to highlight the features of your product, brand or a website. Signup (use fconnect) is totally free and easy to do in xtranormal website. You may have a look at other sample cartoon movies done with the help of xtranormal in their homepage.

There is a software called STATE provided by xtranormal team to let you create stunning cartoon movies powered with more graphical scenarios, characters and so on. You can find the download link in the website itself.

Here i created a step by step video tutorial to let you start with your first cartoon movie creation 🙂

[youtube width=”550″ height=”344″][/youtube]

If you use iPad, iPhone or Android tablet to watch movies and have tons of movies in DVD, BluRay at your shelf then you can convert and use them easily. Movavi Video Converter softwares available for Windows and Mac OS X. So if you are searching for best mac video converter software then you have finally found one.

Do let us know your feedback and suggestions about xtranormal and in what way it is going to help you.

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    1. Interesting article. I was looking for a tool and this article has led me to try Xtranormal. Keep up the good work!

  1. Wow it’s really an interesting article. Xtranormal is a great tool to create your online cartoon movie. I like this software tool. I would like to try this. It will be the great experience.

  2. Well written article article.I will appreciate your writing skills. Its great.Xtranormal is awesome. The  special feature in Xtranormal is that it has the ability to make online cartoon movie.Its really a nice software to create movie.

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