Handpick your Favorites and Send Once in a Day to Group of Friends

When we find some interesting content on the web, Bookmarking helps us to recommend the link to our friends to enjoy the read. Social Bookmarking is one great service we have today to share our favorites by voting and clicking on like button to share the favorites with our friends and followers. We usually have two main problems when we share links over the web to group of friends.

handpick me

1. Interest differs, so it is not possible for everyone in that group to visit the link suggested to read. So we literally stored a Junk mail into their mailbox knowingly.

2. We SPAM our friends mailbox when we recommend some 2 or more links as they get notification each time when we suggest a link.

Handpick Your Favorites

To solve this problem we can start to use Handpick.me which allows us to send favorite and useful web links to selective friends and that also only once a day. You schedule it when you want the mail to be delivered only once in a day carrying all your favorites suggested to that specific group of people you define. I know, this must sound really great to you if you share so many favorites from the web every month to your friends. When we know that he or she not going to open it, still we have no choice to avoid it as they follow us and got to see the link we share among the group.

Finally we got Handpick to prevent spamming our friends mailbox as well as to let them enjoy the content based on their interest with maximum one mail per day 🙂

Handpick.me is currently Invite only access and you must request an handpick.me invitation to use this service till they launch publicly.

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