iphone mail app not showing notifications

iPhone, iPad Mail App Not Showing Notifications? Here’s the Fix

Is your Mail App Not Showing Notifications in iPhone and iPad? Do you have new emails ready to be read when you open the application without any notifications? This is a typical issue however can be solved, by following the steps below. If you prefer…

download youtube facebook twitter videos instagram reels iphone ipad

Download Youtube, Facebook, Twitter Videos and Instagram Reels in iPhone and iPad

How to Download Youtube Videos in iPhone and iPad? is the question many ask when they are new to iPhone and iPad. Right now, we have more social networking websites. So the question should be, how to download facebook videos, twitter videos and instagram reels…

export whatsapp chats telegram

How to Export WhatsApp Chats to Telegram?

WhatsApp Messenger and Privacy Risks are making people to switch to Telegram Messenger. If you want to know How to Export WhatsApp Chats to Telegram Messenger, then this tutorial will be helpful. Export all your Chats, Media and Attachments from WhatsApp to Telegram in iPhone…

best websites watch free movies tvshows online

Best Websites to Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online

Finding the Right Free Movies and TV Shows streaming websites is not easy. We have Hand picked few Best Websites to Watch Free movies and tv shows online. There are 100s of websites for free movie streaming apps available but most of them are fake….

iphone camera 4k 60fps disabled not working fix

iPhone 4K 60FPS Disabled or Not Working? How to Fix?

Unable to switch to 4K 60fps in iPhone Camera? Is 4K at 60FPS setting Disabled by default? Don’t worry. You can turn this feature ON simply by following the steps in this article. Few of my friends faced this problem, their iPhone camera was unable…

instagram black screen crash iphone

Instagram Black Screen Error on iPhone, How to Fix?

After recent iOS Update everything was working fine. Suddenly Instagram Black Screen Error on iPhone is so annoying for most of us. Apps crash is another story. Twitter, Instagram and several other apps are crashing in a surprise turn of events. I tried several troubleshooting…

whatsapp ios share sheet not working

How to Fix WhatsApp iOS Share Sheet Not Working Problem?

You can access WhatsApp Contacts in your iOS Share Sheet. WhatsApp recent update brings WhatsApp Contacts suggestion to iOS Share Sheet making it easier to forward messages to your WhatsApp friends. Unfortunately, many users encountered an Error after updating to latest WhatsApp version. Either iOS…

fix iphone overheating problem

How to Fix iPhone OverHeating Problem?

iPhone is awesome to hold until, it starts to feel like a hot piece of metal. There are few easy to follow methods to Fix iPhone Overheating issues. Build quality is one thing i really love about Apple iPhone. Its sturdy and beautiful. No doubt…