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iOS 17.4 Release Date, Features and Should You Update?

Apple recently released iOS 17.4 developer beta versions with new features, and we will decide whether you should update them once they are officially released. Apple initiates transformative changes within the App Store in response to EU regulatory mandates.

Developers gain the liberty to integrate third-party payment systems, potentially reducing consumer costs. Moreover, expanded access to app distribution outside the App Store will increase competition and innovation, promising greater value for users.

iOS 17.4 release date features iphone

iOS 17.4 Release Date

Update: iOS 17.4 Release Candidate (RC) was released to Developers a couple of days ago. So, we will see the official release of iOS 17.4 by March 1st or 2nd week.

The first question many ask is when the iOS 17.4 release date will be. Based on previous beta releases currently, we have iOS 17.4 beta 3 released to developers, with one or two more beta versions, we will see iOS 17.4 Release Candidate reaching developers and public beta testers.

I expect the iOS 17.4 release date to be around the middle of March.

If there is any change in iOS 17.4 release schedule, I will update the same here in this post.

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iOS 17.4 EU Changes

There are a few important changes Apple is making for Apple users across Europe. Following Government regulation and policy changes, here are changes to your Apple devices.

Sideloading & 3rd Party Appstore

Finally, sideloading comes to the iPhone, but not all countries and regions. It is going to be specific to the Europe Appstore and Region. App developers have new options for distributing their apps and paying fees to Apple. They can use different app stores or alternative methods for distribution.

Apple introduced a new fee structure, where developers pay 0.50 euros per user per year, with the first million installs free.

iOS 17.4 Appstore Sideloading

Apps from alternative stores won’t have commission fees, while those on the App Store pay a reduced 17 percent commission. Developers can stick to the old system with commission rates of 15/30 percent.

Users in the EU can choose their preferred alternative app store in the Settings app. Changes include warnings for potential malware in alternative apps and a Screen Time setting for parental control.

Alternative Payment Methods

Apple now allows apps to use different payment methods, not just in-app purchases. Developers using alternative payment methods within the App Store will receive a three percent discount on fees.

Those distributing through alternative apps and using alternative payments won’t pay Apple fees beyond the 0.50 euro per-user fee. With alternative payments, users can buy digital goods directly in the app or via a linked website.

Apple mandates developers to use secure payment providers. This change offers flexibility and cost savings to developers while ensuring secure transactions for users. It promotes fair competition and innovation within the app ecosystem.

NFC Chip Access to Payment Providers

In iOS 17.4, third-party payment apps and banks can use the NFC chip in iPhones.

They offer contactless payments directly on the iPhone without Apple Pay or the Wallet app in the European Region. Users can pick a default contactless payment provider, used at tap-to-pay terminals or by pressing the Side button on the iPhone twice.

iPhone NFC Payment Europe

In the EU’s Settings app, users can set their preferred contactless payment provider and view apps with contactless payment access.

Additionally, EU users can switch the default Wallet app on their iPhone. These changes enhance payment options and give users more control over their payment methods.

Third-Party Browsers Selection

iOS 17.4 release is going to bring one more surprise to Europe Region users. Third-party web Browsers are going to be allowed on iPhones. Users will be able to select which third-party browser they want to set as the default iOS browser to open links.

iPhone Third Party Browsers

Across the system, the set default third-party web browser will be used and users can change it anytime they need.

No more Safari only limitations for EU iPhone users.

Cloud Gaming Apps on Appstore

Streaming game apps like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce NOW can now be found on the App Store worldwide. This means users can access these services directly as standalone apps on their iPhones and iPads. Previously, Apple only permitted cloud gaming services through web browsers, but now dedicated apps for streaming games are allowed.

iPhone Cloud Gaming Apps

Additionally, mini-apps, games, plug-ins, and chatbots can now utilize the in-app purchase system. This update broadens the options for gamers and developers alike, making it easier to access and enjoy a variety of gaming experiences on Apple devices.

Some more iOS 17.4 features and changes I have noticed are,

  • Automatically sending messages with Siri now allows us to select supported languages.
  • The podcasts app you listen to will now have Transcripts.
  • minor Improvements to the Stolen Device Protection feature with better controls.
  • CarPlay and SharePlay Improvements

coming to your iPhone with iOS 17.4 release next month.

So which iOS 17.4 features you are excited about? What do you think about the iOS 17.4 release date schedule to answer the question “Should You Update?” once it’s officially released? I would say “Yes”.

If you are already running iOS 17 versions on your iPhone, then it’s good to proceed with the iOS 17.4 update. As it will contain more bug fixes, stability improvements, and security fixes. Along with the above-mentioned features.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share this post about iOS 17.4 release date and features. Also, check our new iPhone Wallpapers Store for a stunning collection of Wallpapers. Have a great day.

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