Will You Create a Blog After Reading This Proof ?

When people ask me what is the best way to make money online, i straight away recommend to start a blog and work on it to get some constant income after few months. Its the process where we invest very little compare to any other…

Its Really Worth Spending 30 Mins To Comment In Blogs Across The Web

Yes, I was very much worried about the “Zero” Comment in my blogs. Even though i write some good trending titles i get a very very few comments from the users who are so conscious about that topic or sometimes they was in such situation….

Best Guest Poster Award Programme on GurusOnline

Recently we announced the Contribute to Gurusonline Service, where you can write guest articles and get benefited. We are happy to announce the Best Guest Poster Award Programme, to give away Gifts, Discount Coupons and so on. Here the rules for the BGPA Programme.
1. Guest article must fit with any of our categories listed in the sidebar.
2. Participant should register at Gurusonline in order to participate in the contest.
3. Contest flow for 60 days from October 15th till December 15th.
4. Best Guest Poster, decided by the maximum number of retweets obtained by a writer, for his/her articles.
5. There is no maximum word limit, but minimum it must be 100 words.
6. Each week end the total number of retweets obtained by the writers will be displayed here to Track the winner.
So what are the prizes that 3 Best Guest Posters will get ? (we are open for sponsors, so the total prize worth and numbers may increase later)
1st Prize
50$ Cash Award
2nd Prize
25$ Cash Award
3rd Prize
Hosting Package for 1 Year
3GB Hosting Space
50 GB Bandwidth (per month)
CPanel Powered Control Panel
Free Blog Convertion (if you have one in Blogspot or Wordpress.Com)

CPanel Powered Control Panel