Blind Square App Helps Blind People To Find Places

iPhone is one of the most brilliant and efficient Smartphone on the earth. Even though there is a powerful hardware and intelligent Software iOS running inside the system, it is made unique by the applications available for them. Today many people use iPhone only for its efficiency and intelligent applications. Also the performance will be the same, even you have opened more than 100 applications on your iPhone. It has the capacity to transform its usage according to the user needs and that’s why iPhone stands unique from other Smartphones available on market.


When the gadget can be used by all type on people on the society then it is called a perfect design. It means when the same gadget can be used by both normal people and disabled people on the society, then that device will surely have a brilliant engineering and concept. iPhone is an one brilliant device which helps disabled people to understand and use the features on the device. So today we are going to see an application called Blind Square which helps blind people to find the way. This application is integrated with Four Square to find the way for blind people. Let’s have a look at the features and the usage below.

Blind Square App For iPhone

Many people and companies came with different applications to help disabled people but very few have succeeded. In that list Blind Square app is a very useful one and has got many positive reviews from the users. As I said before this application is integrated with Four Square so that blind people can easily find the places nearby. Once the person comes to the street, this app will use the inbuilt GPS to locate the user. After locating the user, it will start dictating the places nearly. Using voice search Blind people can search for the place they need.

For Instance if they want to go for a restaurant, they can search for hotels near by using the app. From the previous check-ins of Four Square users it will dictate the hotels near by with their names and the distance. If user is interested he can make a call (if phone number is available) to the restaurant using the application.


The speech quality of the application is very high so that any type of user can understand the search results and other functions of the app. This app uses the inbuilt compass feature of iPhone to tell the directions for the user. Also the user can use their favorite navigator (Tom Tom, Navigon or iOS Maps) for turn-by-turn instructions.

Blind Square will automatically identify if you were traveling in car and tell you the interesting places in front of you when you are passing them. If the blind person is interested in making Four Square check-ins, he can use Blind Square to do that. It is very simple, open the app and shake the mobile to make a check-in on that particular place.

Blind Square supports more than six languages including English and you can expect the same quality of speech in all the languages. The size of the application comes around 200MB so you definitely need WiFi to download this. Cost of the app comes around $15 and you can download this from iTunes.

Suggest this app to your friends or family members who is unable to see this world at least this will let them hear what happening around them. Also share your experience with us in the comment box. Thanks for reading.

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  1. iPhone is the best thing I can ever have and i just love it because it has amazing Apps.Blind square app is so amazing and it will be of great help for blind people.

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