Google Keep, a Note Taking App Works on Web and Mobile

Google Keep, Save Whats on your Mind. The app also looks very simple just like the description. Its easy to use by anyone and has no big features like evernote. You dont have to install anything on your computer or mobile phone to take notes. Just visit the url and start taking notes. Its simple and easy. Google has launched this all new service today to let users take notes from their PC, Mac, Tablet or Mobile phones.

Google Keep cannot be compared with Evernote right now when we talk about features. Read Evernote Review and know how amazing it is and why many uses it as their primary note taking app and more than that in their every day life. I use it every day to save web clips, to write articles and so on. Evernote is so helpful and the company works on the development constantly as they have just one product in their basket. Google Keep is a very simple and quick note taking app that uses Google Drive to store your notes. So, if you regularly use any note taking app on your mobile, tablet or computer and want to replace it with Google Keep, then think twice before making a complete move.

Google Reader was one famous service that is used by millions of users world wide, but Google is taking down that service. Whatever the reason, this warns the Google users to not completely depend on their services. There are many inactive services exist in Google apps list and i am not happy that google targeted Google Reader.

When many search for Google Reader Alternatives, google launched this new note taking app that works just from your Google Drive. Google may wanted to replace evernote on android with this simple and easy to use note taking app “Google Keep”. Yesterday i had a lot of trouble while writing a note that caused by auto saving feature in Google Keep. It works fine now, but that was really frustrating for me when i tried to see what keep is all about. Here i have recorded a video about it.

Download Google Keep for Android

You can download Google Keep on your Android mobile now from Google Play. This currently supported for devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. If you want to use Google Keep from PC or Mac, then visit to create, edit and save notes.


In other side, Google wanted some quick note taking app for Android and i think google will work more on Keep development to make it more advanced and feature rich in coming days. This will use your Drive storage and if you are using it regularly, then you will upgrade the google drive storage space soon. When you store more pictures along with your notes, then the chances of reaching the 5 GB limit is high.

Long time ago we wrote about how to upgrade google storage, and google recently changed the yearly pricing to monthly. You will get 25 GB of Google Drive and Google+ Photos storage plus an additional of 25 GB Gmail Storage at 2.49$ per month.


Thanks for reading and you may now share this post with your friends and followers across Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Also share your views about Google Keep in the comment box below. What do you think about this new service by google and will you use it as your primary note taking app on your mobile and pc or not. Have a wonderful day !

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