20+ Best YouTube Channels For Girls

YouTube is one of the primary reasons for the evolution of a concept called video blogging. Many experts and professionals in different domains have their own YouTube channel. It’s become easy to get their updates instantly right on your desk without any efforts. It is not only focused on fashion and beauty also on to some fitness and health care for girls. This will help girls stay young, fit and healthy. Previously I wrote about best fitness channels on YouTube for a healthy lifestyle and channels available on YouTube exclusively for movie trailers and reviews. Also about the best channels on YouTube for business professionals and young entrepreneurs.


Today I came with a list of YouTube channels exclusively for Girls. The channels I have listed below is the most popular channels on YouTube for fashion, beauty, health and fitness. Now you can subscribe to those channels and get expert tips for a healthy lifestyle. These channels are very popular on YouTube and has hundreds of subscribers.

The fitness and health care tips were given by professionals which helps to maintain your shape and stay fit. One of the important interest of girls is beauty and makeup. I have included some of the popular channels on YouTube giving excellent tips on different types of makeup.

Channels like luxy hair gives tutorials on different types of hairstyle for girls. Cutepolish is one of the unique channel on YouTube exclusively for nail polishes. It gives different patterns and colors of nail polish for the girls. Subscription links and a sample video are included for all the channels. Let’s have a look at the channels below.

Blair Fowler

Making Life Bubbiful

Hello Style

Sammy Davis Vintage

Diet Health

Psyche Truth



Lauren Luke’s Channel

Kandee Johnson

Makeup Geek TV

Beauty Tip

Tone It Up


Sarah Fit TV

Tara Stiles Yoga

Blogilates Food and Talk

Girls Generation

Lonely Girl

Beauty Crush

Elle Flower

Hair & Beauty Tutorials

Luxy Hair

Cute Polish

These YouTube Channels will help you maintain your health and beauty. Subscribe to them and get video updates regularly. Also you can browse their existing videos or use the search feature in each channel to find the videos you will be interested to favorite. Do let us know if we have missed any of your favorite channels on YouTube. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment box.

 Thanks for reading and have a great day !

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