10+ Audio and Video Players for Mac OS X

People are working hard, striving more for a better livelihood. This is not a sentence that is most common, but there is a hidden truth as well. Whenever they felt it is getting overloaded or highly engaged with the work then there comes the best, “stress buster“. You can make use of this article regarding stress management. Most of the people would prefer Music as the best option. This is simply because of the universal reason that everyone loves music in some way and some means. So that it is a bit weird thing to find any music hater.

Keeping that belief in mind giving you this post to let you choose the best media player for mac os x and enjoy unlimited music with great quality. Mac users will be normally utilizing the in-built music and media players for their system. So this post will bring you some of the exciting players especially for Mac OS X.

Clementine Music Player

This is one of the modern music player and a music file organizer which helps you to list down your favorite numbers in mean time also enjoy the ecstacy of hearing music. It is a multi-platform player which support a varied collection of file format. It is a freeware and so you can enjoy it for ease. (Go to the Application)

Gom Player

Most of the windows user might have thought about using this simple player yet again in their Mac also. So here comes the Gom player with simple utilities for your Mac with an option to play both the local files and web documents. It is supported by GRETECH corp. (Go to the Application)

VLC Media Player 1.1.11

Hope you all know about this player and to add some more interesting feature this is the best portable multimedia player ever for all format files and various other streaming protocols. You can also use this player as a server to stream multicast IPv4 orv6  on a high bandwidth network. (Go to the Application)

ShockWave Player

It is a standard and powerful media player for both web based documents and other local disk files. ShockWave player supports both flash supported files online and sometimes QuickTime and Xvid files also. This is a freeware and at most supports all web browsers. (Go to the Application)


Flip4Mac Player

This player is majorly used as a sync between the windows media player and other components for QuickTime by Flip4Mac. The operation is like you can play the windows media files (.wmv) and also check for the playlist using any browser. (Go to the Application)

Absolute Radio player

Absolute Radio player is an exciting live radio player for your Mac device. You will be experiencing the real music discovery inside the absolute radio player. Starting from classic 80’s to the rock music entrance into the world of music with more live concert sort of playing feature. (Go to the Application)


MacTubes is a portable media player for Mac devices. This application allows you to watch and play videos on YouTube and also to download them to your local iTunes. You can manage and operate playlists and other essential media operations on this player. (Go to the Application)

Kyaya Media Player

As the recent technology completely relies on cloud computing and most of the information sharing is also migrated towards it. So it is obvious to think about sharing the music files and play it from cloud. Kyaya player allows you to play music files both on disk and from cloud. (Go to the Application)

Mp3 Surround Player

Mp3 surround player is an extraordinary utility with and without Mp3 stereo extended technology and standard Mp3 stereo files as well. There is also an equal reproduction with Ensonido technology for the stereo type headsets. (Go to the Application)

Divx Plus Web Player

This is simply an repack edition of the previous release of Divx player. In this version it is more than usual with lot of features as high definition MKV videos, Full screen without quality loss, subtitles support, auto free download and 5.1 audio surround. (Got to the Application)

Thanks for reading this article and i hope it will be useful to chose a media player for Mac OS. Flip4mac player is the best windows media player for mac os x. Get flip4mac coupon code and save on your purchase. If possible, do share your favorite media player that you use all time on your macbook or imac. Have a wonderful day !

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