Telestream Flip4Mac Quick Review and 5% Discount Coupon Code

Flip4Mac lets you play Windows media on a Macbook, iMac, and mac mini. Flip4Mac quick review will help you decide the best Windows media player for mac os. Also, grab our Flip4Mac Coupon Code to avail 5% Discount on store pricing.

Once you installed flip4mac on your mac computer, you can play windows media using QuickTime player. It also comes with Retina Display support if you own the new Macbook Retina model.

You can also import several other Windows media files (.wma, .wmv) for conversion and encoding.


If you have used Windows PC before getting your new macbook or imac, and done video editing and encoding works, then flip4mac is one must have utility to get same media experience on your new Mac as well.

Flip4Mac Discount Coupon Codes

Software Title / Product NameStore PriceDiscount PriceBuy Now / Download Links
Screenflow 10$169.00$160.55Get Screenflow 10 Coupon Code
Wirecast Studio for macOS$599.00$569.00Get Wirecast Studio for Mac
Wirecast Studio for Windows$599.00$569.00Get Wirecast Studio for Windows
Wirecast Pro for macOS$799.00$759.05Get Wirecast Studio for Mac
Wirecast Pro for Windows$799.00$759.05Get Wirecast Pro for Windows
Wirecast Gear$4,995 onwards-Buy Wirecast Gear
Switch Pro - Windows$295.00$295.00Get Switch Pro for Windows
Switch Plus - Windows$49.00$49.00Get Switch Plus for Windows
Switch Pro - macOS$295.00$295.00Get Switch Pro for Mac
Switch Plus - macOS$49.00$49.00Get Switch Plus for Mac

Flip4Mac Quick Review

Flip4Mac has 3 versions and each has some feature additions based on the pricing. Here we have a simple and easy to understand comparison chart that tells you what will be the difference with each version that will make your job of deciding which license to buy easier.

flip4mac features offers new

Flip4Mac Player (Free)

You can download flip4mac player for free from the official website link now. It comes with windows media file playback on mac os x using QuickTime media player. This is the best windows media player for macbook and imac. Also you will get Retina support, which means, if you recently bought Macbook Pro Retina, then Flip4Mac player will work very well.


Flip4Mac is the best media player plugin for mac os x that brings Windows Media on a Mac computer. Ever wanted to play windows media files  (.avi, .wmv, .wma) on your Macbook or iMac ? then Flip4mac is for you. We do have a 10% flip4mac discount coupon code included with the link. Goahead and purchase it today.

Flip4Mac Player Pro

Store Price: $29.00

Get Flip4Mac Player Pro

Flip4Mac Player Pro

Store Price: $29.00

Get Flip4Mac Player Pro

Flip4Mac Studio

Store Price: $49.00

Get Flip4Mac Studio

Flip4Mac Studio Pro HD

Store Price: $179.00

Get Flip4Mac Studio Pro HD

Flip Player Pro

Store Price: $29.00

Get Flip Player Pro


Flip4Mac Compatibility

Flip4Mac is well compatible with OS X El Capitan and the latest macOS version released by Apple. If you recently upgraded your Mac OS to el capitan, Flip4Mac will work without any problem, and you can play and do a lot with your Windows media files on your Macbook and iMac. Flip4Mac components are the most trusted solution with professional support, stability, and it also comes with official support from Microsoft.

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