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Although there are a number of reasons why people want to buy the latest models of mobile phone – from the size of the screen display to the power of the processor and quality of the camera – ultimately apps are a pretty major part of the appeal. After all a number of the major manufacturers – including RIM, Nokia, and HP – have suffered from being unable to develop app markets, able to compete with Apple’s App Store. Whether it is an online casino like Lucky Nugget or games based on film or computer game franchises, phone gaming apps are big business.

Although there is also the Amazon app store, the two major players in the app sales market are Apple’s app store and the Android market, but which of these is actually the better option when it comes to mobile apps ?. Well when it comes to the app developers, the Android market appears to be lagging behind. Despite Android having more than half of the total share of the smartphone market it is still struggling to attract more developers to develop quality mobile apps that can drive more revenue to Google Play and Android developers as well.

Currently Android lags behind iOS by a significant margin, with four times as many app developers working for Apple. This is simply because the users of Apple mobile devices are more willing to pay for apps, than those using Android devices.

According to AppBrain website, it is believed to be around 430,000 apps are available in Google Play (android market) and more than 311,000 of these are free for android phone users to download. Whereas 615,000 apps are totally available at Apple iTunes App Store and just 287,000 of them are free. Thats really a huge difference when it comes to Apps and with average cost of 2$ per app, many purchase apps from App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Ofcourse, quality apps matters a lot. No doubt, that Apple is pretty successful when it comes to quality apps with best user interface and design. About 72 percent of the Android Market apps are free, compared to just 46 percent of those at the Apple app store.

It also means that in strict financial terms the Android Market is probably better for users when a smartphone buyer so focused on getting free apps. App Store makes more financial sense with better quality as well. I play games in my iPhone and really find huge difference compared to my Samsung Galaxy Nexus S mobile phone.

Actually its not that easy to confirm which one is the best. Both has its own Pro’s and Con’s. Its up to you right now to decide which platform suites you after exploring the tons of flavors that both can offer to you as a smartphone. Thanks for reading the article. You may record your opinions in the comment box below. Have a great day !

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